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If we take the time to brood over life, one thing is clear. Life on earth is a life of dualism like light and dark or good and bad or positive and negative. We learn some hard lessons while we confront this duality in life. Casting away negativity is one part of this duality. Remember in the erstwhile times, when grandmothers would predict that an evil eye was cast upon a home? Her directives would come in handy when dealing with these negativities and perhaps also dispel unexpected issues that would crop up.  

We have all heard of the expression ‘evil eye’ and use grandma’s wisdom to fight it. For instance, tying a god-blessed and fortified black thread around a wrist or applying a black dot on the cheeks of babies. These practices are believed to prevent what is called drishti or nazar, to ward off negative thoughts of others on you. According to Hindu mythology, drishti is negative energy or a negative thought process that intends to ruin the looks, growth, and prosperity of an individual. It is like casting an evil spell. These beliefs may not have scientific evidence but have become popular as it is passed over generations and rooted in one’s culture.

Here are few popular energy-healing beliefs that are being followed by many to ward off negative energy from home:

Spread the fragrance

Lighting incense sticks in a house have a spiritual connection and the fragrance from the incense is believed to elevate energy and spread a sense of calm around. Room fresheners also act as mood enhancers. The smell of lime and oranges as fragrance sprays creates the right atmosphere and energy. 

Bring in the fresh air

A closed and gloomy room is believed to have a lot of negative energy and it is necessary to eliminate it by opening up closed windows and to allow fresh air to circulate. Dispel the darkness in the rooms too. Always have sufficient lights and brighten up the place with colorful and decorative interiors. Bright colors increase the energy and positive aura of a place.

Rearrange & feel good

It is believed that rearranging furniture or bringing about a change in home interiors will have a positive effect on the mind. This good change, if it makes you pumped up, indicates that some negativity has been removed. It is also advised as per feng shui to shun any broken artifacts or furniture that could create negative vibes in the place.

Ring the bell

There is a belief that ringing a bell creates sound waves that push out negative energy. This finds resonance in Hindu temples. You can choose to light a lamp at your altar every morning and in the evenings and ring the bell at that time. Some people also like to keep an ornate bell at the entrance of their home or in the balcony.

Cleanse with salt

Sprinkling salt in room corners and carpets is also believed to dispel negative energy in a room. Clear it after a couple of hours. Salt crystals are believed to have a natural ability to absorb negative energy. Also, placing some sea salt near the entrance and covering it with cloth or doormat is believed to keep negative energy at bay.

Practice meditation &  yoga

Carrying negative energy creates a ripple effect inside the house and meditation helps to thwart the negative energy away. In the same sphere, practicing yoga will help clean out the mind of negative thoughts. This helps in exhaling bad breath and thoughts while inhaling new and positive vibes from within. Yoga gives us the time and space to introspect. This is beneficial in dispelling negative thoughts, which are then replaced with happy and positive thoughts. Such a mindset is, after all, the most important.  

Try these tips and see for yourself. These might be easier than you think – and more effective!

With inputs by Seema Thanedar, Faculty, The Art of Living