Sri Sri Yoga Classes (Level 1)

Expand Your Horizons

Energize • Improve health and flexibility • Get stronger and grounded

10 hrs over 4-6 days

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Sri Sri Yoga is Different

Are you tired of the competitive or superficial culture that surrounds some mainstream yoga?

Sri Sri Yoga not only improves your flexibility, strength, and health but also deepens your self-awareness and centeredness with a holistic approach to yoga.

An Accepting Environment to be Yourself

Sri Sri Yoga offers a non-judgmental atmosphere, so you can find your own edge of stretching without pain, of pushing yourself without competing. It may be hard to get a deeply spiritual experience in a yoga studio that often has a competitive atmosphere.

More Than Just Yoga Poses

Often people associate yoga with just physical exercises, but there is so much more to it. In Sri Sri Yoga, you will experience all aspects of a complete yoga practice, including traditional asanas (postures), simple pranayamas (breathing techniques), guided meditation and knowledge of yoga.

What will I get from this workshop?

This workshop teaches a holistic way of energizing and integrating your mind, body, and spirit through a restorative yoga practice.


Strength & Poise: Yoga Poses (Asanas)

Strengthen and tone muscles, while burning fat and reducing cholesterol. Yoga poses are also great to maintain flexibility & range of motion.


Deep Rest: Meditation and Relaxation

Discover Yoga Nidra, an amazing form of conscious relaxation that calms the body and relaxes the mind for deep meditation.


Energy: Yogic breathing (Pranayama)

Tune into your breath and with advanced breath-work. These practices energize mind and body so that you feel fresher throughout the day.


Insight: Wisdom from Yoga

Explore some of the fascinating insights yoga has to offer into the nature of mind and body and how to live a relaxed, fulfilling life.

Founder, The Art of Living

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is global humanitarian, spiritual leader and ambassador of peace. He has brought yoga, meditation, and practical wisdom to millions of people in 180 countries.

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