Are you trying to learn how to concentrate on studies? This blog covers some of the best natural ways to increase focus and concentration through yoga, meditation, and other ways to help you stay focused and calm during your study sessions. Learn how a few simple tips can enhance your mental clarity and productivity.

Increasing focus and concentration is essential for success in various aspects of life, such as work, education, sports, and personal relationships. But it is important that you look for ways other than consuming supplements if you’re looking for how to concentrate on studies. Adopting natural methods for increasing focus and concentration can have numerous benefits for your mental and physical well-being. Here are some methods that you can try!

1. Practicing yoga daily

A student’s life can be challenging, with increased distractions and high competition leading to stress. Students often search for tips to concentrate on studies but end up elsewhere getting distracted by receiving false information online or from friends. Improving the ability to concentrate is crucial, and yoga can be an effective solution for how to concentrate on your studies. Practising yoga asanas regularly can help build physical fitness and calm the mind. 

Because of the hyper-functionality of our mobile phones, most people live a life that lacks any kind of physical activity. Children’s studies and leisure activities revolve primarily around digital screens, and often wonder how to concentrate on studies. This is where yoga comes in. The asanas and techniques increase one’s concentration power and aid in building physical fitness. Moreover, yoga also provides a sense of tranquillity to the mind, ensuring that students can focus on their studies and be relaxed simultaneously.

Here are 5 asanas for improving concentration.

A. Tadasana (Palm-Tree Pose)

Tadasana is a simple yet powerful yoga pose that helps improve posture, balance, and focus, especially for people who are tied to their screens for long hours and are looking for an exercise to increase concentration.

Yoga Tadasana - a lady standing straight with raised hands in tadasana yoga pose

B. Vrikshasana (Tree Pose)

Vrikshasana (Tree Pose) is a balancing yoga posture that promotes stability, strength, and concentration. Practice this if you are looking to maintain balance in your life.

Yoga Vrikshasana - a girl standing with folded hands and one leg bent in tree pose

C. Paschimottanasana (Seated Forward Bend Pose)

Paschimottanasana (Seated Forward Bend) is a calming yoga posture that stretches the entire back and promotes relaxation for people with a stress bound routine. 

Yoga Paschimottanasana - a girl sitting with stretched legs and touching heals with the hands as in (Seated Forward Bend pose)

D. Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand)

Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand) is an inverted yoga posture that strengthens the upper body, improves circulation. Anyone who is looking to calms the mind can practice this.

Yoga Sarvangasana - a girl lying on floor with her back stretched upwards

E. Suryanamaskar (Sun Salutations)

Suryanamaskar (Sun Salutation) is a sequence of yoga postures traditionally practiced at sunrise to warm up, increase flexibility, and cultivate mindfulness.

Yoga - lying on the floor on tummy with shoulder and neck stretched upwards in cobra pose

These 5 asanas for improving concentration are helpful to increase focus and concentration and can be practised regularly. Incorporating these asanas into your daily yoga routine can help improve your attention and focus. Remember always to practice yoga safely and listen to your body. With consistent practice, you may find that your ability to concentrate improves both on and off the mat.

2. Meditation

Many students wonder why it is so easy to learn movie dialogues by hearing them just once, but reading a single page multiple times does not help them grasp it. This is because our mind can only fully consume something when relaxed. And yet, it is difficult to be relaxed while studying as our academic lives are often stressful, and just a few exams can make or break our career.

Moreover, even while studying, many students feel that their mind is bombarded with thoughts, thus preventing them from focusing on anything, let alone studies.

Even day-to-day emotions, like jealousy, hatred, and irritation, cause havoc to the mind and make it challenging to concentrate effectively. This makes it hard for them to concentrate on their studies with so much going into their minds. This is where meditation can help you calm your mind while increasing your ability to concentrate. We recommend practising guided meditations available on the official The Art of Living Official Youtube channel. Your mind can be recharged within just 20 minutes to tackle several consecutive hours of work or studies.

The Art of Living also offers a free workshop on Meditation, Yoga and Breath to help students experience the benefits of meditation, such as improved concentration, clear thinking, mindfulness etc.

3. Lifestyle changes

It is a fact that your lifestyle choices significantly impact your energy and concentration levels. But meditation is not the only answer to how to concentrate on studies; it needs to be accompanied by lifestyle changes as well.

Little things like sleeping hours and food choices can significantly affect our ability to grasp information. Too much or too little sleep makes the mind either feel lethargic or tiresome.

Switching to better lifestyle choices is said to be one of the most straightforward tips to concentrate on your studies.

Similarly, too much food makes the mind tired, and too little food or spicy food intake makes the mind agitated. This doesn’t mean you must always live a military lifestyle or eat bland food. Just monitoring your sleep cycle and meals and being attentive to your daily routine can go a long way in sustaining concentration levels and retention power.

4. Take a step back

You can tire out your mind when you work on a single thing for too long, even if it’s something you love. So, after every few hours, take a break and do something entirely different for a few minutes. This is one of the most basic natural ways to increase focus and concentration. Let the mind disengage, whether it is through exercise, jumbled words, throwing the ball around, or just lying down. Just like a bow needs to be pulled back for the arrow to shoot forward, this could be the break that helps you power through work more effectively.

Based on wisdom talks by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar