The one thing you really
need for success

Everybody wants their life to mean something - to be proud of achievements which speak a story of talent meets hard work meets good fortune/timing. Yet so many people succeed while others watch from the sidelines, wishing they were in the spotlight. What separates the brilliant from the average?

If you asked this question a few years ago, it would have been a skill. But, the game’s changed today. And it’s all about one word: attitude. What’s your attitude in life? How do you look at everyday situations? How do you bounce back even when things are unfavorable?

Though it sounds simple, it’s possibly one of the most difficult things to create and refine. Cultivating the right attitude involves discipline, focus and an awareness of choosing between different perspectives.

Here are a few attitudes which you’d need for success


Embrace criticism

Not everybody will be good to you all the time. And not everybody wants to say the harshest of things. So, simply welcome criticism when it comes in and appreciate the person for having the guts to say it to you.

Introspect hard: is the criticism true? What aspects are truly applicable which will help you up your game, change a detrimental habit, or become a better person? And, if you need to give criticism, give it with compassion. After all, you only want the best for the other person. If you need to accept a mistake, just do it. Every action will have some imperfection. Your self-esteem will not fall if you admit your mistake.

Introspect, adapt and let go. Just travel light on this journey called life.


Be a student for life

The only way to truly increase your skills is by learning all the time. There’s no harm in showing your ignorance and asking for an explanation - your colleagues might envy your ease while the juniors could admire you even more.

3 Ps of success

i. Flexibility in the position that we take in life (and this is where criticism and learning play a role).

ii. Fine-tuning of perception comes with an uncluttered mind. Thus, the importance of meditation practices.

iii. To know that priorities change and one has to change and mature with time. It is vital for your growth.

A lot of people are afraid of showing their ignorance and simply saying: I don’t know. While a lot of potential stays underdeveloped, sometimes vital information could get lost too. If you keep asking questions, chances are you will be better equipped to make better decisions. As well as have more information to weigh the pros and cons of situations. It’ll also make you more approachable and will challenge you to constantly expand your comfort zone.

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The human tendency is to become a frog in the well, too soon - get used to a routine, keep going around the routine with an occasional break and then again the rounds begin. Meet new people, ask new questions and keep learning. Keep increasing that sphere of comfort zone more and more - you can begin in small ways. The results will be right in front of you.


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Invest in yourself every day

The only way to do this is to respect yourself. You’re a living creation, which is a marvel with innumerable systems and microsystems within you. Just as you love your car and your phone and both need service, charging, and some tender love and care - so do you. Exercise every day and spend some time with yourself. Meditate daily. You might wonder how meditation will make you successful: but you will be left surprised to know its benefits.

Meditation increases cortical thickness, especially in areas related to introspection and attention. It also increases brain volume, specifically in areas related to emotion regulation, positive emotion, and self-control. Meditation also boosts social connection and improves empathy and compassion. Another aspect: resilience.

We often think of resilience in terms of the body. However, this quality is just as important for the mind. Mental resilience is the one thing that differentiates successful people with the average ones. A resilient person will know how to look at setbacks, process them quickly and swiftly keep moving ahead. Life is a mix of success and failure - how you turn the failure into stepping stones is up to you.

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No deal, certificate, degree or accolades can shake you or make you doubt your own abilities or unenthusiastic about your dreams. Everything that happens can only serve to strengthen you if you choose to allow it.

This is true success.

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