The Key To Make Perfect Relationships

If you know how to row a boat, you can row any boat. But if you don’t know how to row, changing boats isn’t going to help. Similarly, changing a relationship does not necessarily solve the issue. Sooner or later, you will be in the same situation in any other relationship, because in all relationships, what is most important is your understanding of your own emotions, your own mind, your own ability to be stable, and your own ability to see things from a broader perspective. And for this, wisdom is important, because it is wisdom that gives you strength, stability, and a broader perspective in life.

Most of the time, we look elsewhere for a perfect healthy relationship; very few look within themselves, at the place from where they relate. To have a good relationship, you first need to see how you relate to yourself. You need to look inside.

Here are some secrets on how to have a healthy relationship and head in the right direction.

6 Best practices for building healthy relationships

#1 Let Go of Control

Many have a problem letting go – of control. This results in anxiety and restlessness, and it sours relationships. Wake up and see, are you really in control? What are you in control of? Perhaps a tiny part of your waking state!

Wake up and see, are you really in control? What are you in control of? Perhaps a tiny part of your waking state!

  • You are not in control when you are sleeping or dreaming
  • You are not in control of thoughts and emotions coming to you

Similarly, do you think you are in control of all the events in your life or in the world? When you look at things from this angle you need not be afraid of losing control because you have none!

#2 Have a sense of reverence

Whatever you revere becomes bigger than you. When you have reverence in your relationships, then your own consciousness expands. Then, even small things appear to be significant and big. Every little creature appears to be dignified. It is the reverence in every relationship that saves the relationship.

Often you do not have reverence for that which you own, and losing that reverence happens unconsciously. Reverence in ownership frees you from greed, jealousy, and lust. Cultivate the skill of having reverence every moment in your life.

#3 Have Common Goals

When two lines move parallel to each other, they can go on together forever. But when the two lines are focused on each other, then they cross and go away from each other. The same is true with relationships. When both partners have a common goal in life, that makes their relationship last longer and this brings more harmony. But when they are focused on each other, then they pick on each other; they love and hate, and all the fights happen.

#4 Annihilate Conflict

When you are in a harmonious environment, your mind picks up any excuse to be in conflict. Often, small things are enough to create a big turmoil. Have you noticed this?

When your survival is at stake, you don’t complain that nobody loves you. But when you are safe and secure, you start demanding attention. Many people create conflict in order to get attention. So ask yourself this question: Do you seek harmony in every situation, or do you seek to widen the differences and prove your righteousness?

#5 Know that you have more love than you deserve

You should always feel that you are not worthy of the love that you receive. Think that the love you receive is much more than what you deserve. If you come from this space of humility, then you will behave with magnanimity and dignity in all your dealings. You won’t chew on the past, you will live in the present moment, you will honor the other’s opinions, you will understand the other’s predicaments; that magnanimity will come from within.

If you keep this in mind, that I don’t deserve this love, you will not demand love. And when you don’t demand love in your life, it keeps on increasing.

#6 Leave some room for the other to give

Relationship means adjustment, it is giving. But at the same time, leave some room for the other partner to give. This needs a little skill – to make the other also contribute without demanding. If you demand, the relationship is not going to last long. Demand and blame destroy love.