Head-to-head communication is through thoughts and words. Heart-to-heart communication involves feelings. Soul-to-soul communication is silence.

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

 We start communicating the instant we take our first breath. Our first cry is a communication to our mother, and the world, that we have arrived. And until our last breath, we are in constant communication. Yet good communication is much more than mere words. It is an art, and effective communication has dimensions that are larger than what is said. The ability to communicate affectionately with one another is a skill worth possessing. Be sensitive and sensible.

Communication is a dialogue, not a monologue.

We must respect the viewpoints of the person or persons we are communicating with. Communication is the art of being sensitive and sensible at the same time. Some people are too sensitive, thereby losing their sensitivity. Their speech lacks clarity and is inarticulate.  

Your state of mind matters! You cannot improve someone by getting angry at them. You only ruin your peace of mind. 

When you are angry, nobody wants to hear it, even though you are saying the correct thing.

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

When you meet with people, you often communicate head-to-head. When you are with nature, you start singing, and you communicate with nature from your heart. Often, when you are with people, you keep talking and blabbering, and you keep the communication at the level of the head only. But when you are with nature, you start humming, and your communication comes through the heart. And when you are with the guru, you go blank and forget all the questions. Then communication comes through the soul in silence. 

The Role of Mindfulness in Communication

When you meet with people, you like to remain in the head, and you seldom sing with people (other than when it is organised). Your ego prevents you from singing. Many do not feel comfortable singing with people. When you sing with people, you descend to the heart level or feeling level. Some feel comfortable just listening to music. Some feel comfortable singing only when they are alone. Some sing to draw attention or to charm others. Some only want to join in when all the others are singing. All this singing comes from the ego.

In head-to-head communication, you talk.
In heart-to-heart communication, you sing.
And in soul-to-soul communication happens in silence.

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Breaking through ego barriers bridges communication gaps.

Bhajan means sharing, sharing from the deepest level of our existence. Bhajan is authentic sharing. If you could sing with people, then your ego shatters. Children can sing with people because they do not have an ego. To sing with a stranger, you have to be free of ego. The ego doesn’t let you sing with a stranger. The head level is safe for the ego; the heart level breaks the ego; and the soul level dissolves the ego. All communication gaps happen because of ego.

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