Are you feeling stressed? Meditate. It will relax you. Are you feeling nervous? Meditate. It will calm your nerves. Are you feeling restless? Meditate. It will channel your energy in a positive direction! Wow! Meditation seems to be a universal solution to life’s commonest problems, doesn’t it? Yes, it really is! The benefits of meditation are many. 

But, I don’t have time to go to a class, you say? Or perhaps the class is too far away for you. No worries, online guided meditations have been made keeping exactly you in mind. Here, all you have to do is find a quiet place in your house or workplace where you can sit undisturbed for just 20 minutes. If possible, sit on a yoga mat. Otherwise, just close your eyes and click a button on your phone to experience all the wonderful benefits of meditation. (Here are some quick tips to get started with meditation for you.)

You will be transported to a peaceful and calm world within you. And the cost? It is the price of 20 minutes of your time. Yes, you read correctly! It is completely free! So, don’t wait! Find the guided meditation that addresses your immediate needs from among the array of choices before you.

Transforming emotions

Meditation For Positive Energy

Inner Silence

Yoga Nidra

Breath of Relaxation

Journey within

Hari Om Meditation

Aura Meditation

Panchakosha Meditation

Full Moon Meditation

3 Dimensional Meditation