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  1. Pure party

    Pure Parties are a booming activity in Poland. Set up by Michał Niewięgłowski who is an Art of Living YesPLus teacher and a DJ, and hosted by other Yesplus teacher-DJ’s, they have effortlessly convived all who attend that the best parties are healthy part ...
  2. Quit smoking and party every day!

    The two sides of partying Few deny the joy and benefit of partying. We relax. We come together as one and put aside our differences. We sing, dance, celebrate. And yet it has become a common practice to combine all these positive activities with activitie ...
  3. Satsang

    Satsang and The Art of Living Satsang is the most obvious exemplification of The Art of Living’s commitment to make life a celebration. Many of the activities of The Art of Living are more overtly ‘serious’ – humanitarian projects for the less fortunate, ...
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