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  1. Gurudev, when you see all this crowd that worships you, don’t you have the temptation to become a living God? How do you manage to keep a balance?

    The way people greet each other in India is different from the way people greet each other in the West, and in the Far East. In India and the Far East we bow down, we touch the feet. This is the normal way of greeting.When we were kids we were sup ...
  2. From what I understand, the spiritual path is about dropping one's ego. Yet what I've observed is, as a Guru you seem to do a lot of pumping up of people's ego; especially certain people. Please talk about this apparent irony.

    There are two ways:1. Tell someone, 'You are useless, you are dirty, you are good for nothing'.This is what people think and that is how they blame, scold and abuse another. People think, 'This is the way to put down their ego', ...
  3. Skill In Praising

    Often, when you praise, you praise in comparison to someone else. In order to praise one person, we put down someone else and when we want to point out somebody's mistake we praise another. Some are stingy in praising, and some are shy. And some othe ...
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