Food to be taken in respective Months
(October to December)


October (Aaso)

The following things may be done with advantage in the month of Aaso :

  1. Give rest to your stomach by facing or by eating light and less food. Do not take heavy undigestible things.
  2. Move about at night in the open under the moonlight sky for giving alertness to your body. Preserve your health by dancing, playing games etc.
  3. Do not eat cucumber in this month, Cucumber engenders pitta and brings malaria.
  4. Eat milk gruel and sooran(yam) freely in Aaso, Sooran(yam) is light, appetizing, digestive and nutritive. Patients of piles are treated with sooran(yam).
  5. Make sacrificial fires and worship them and observe fast and repeat hymns.
  6. Cleanse your house, whitewash it and put lamp decorations in the front. This will purify the atmosphere and give health.

November (Kartik)

  1. Fruits and vegetables available in winter Jujubes, Aamlas, Sugarcane, Tomatoes, Carrots etc. These things full of iron purify blood and strengthen the bowels also contain Vitamins B and C.
  2. Sweet taste, followed by sour and sour taste followed by salty taste in this season maintain good health.
  3. Tulsi recommended for use in this month of Kartik. Tulsi removes Kafa and Vata and being hot (bitting inside the mouth like chillies) and bitter (like quinine) it gives energy. Tulsi which promotes digestion suitable in the cold season of winter. Tulsi destroy worms and germs. If in this season there has been an over use of sweet dishes, these foods are likely to remain undigested, decay and create worms. Tulsi is recommended as a balance against this bad effect.

December (Margshish)

  1. Tomatoes, Sugar cane, Jujubs, Brinjals, the leaves of Palakh, raw turmeric, wheat etc. Increases blood and energy.
  2. Fatty and sweet foods recommended in order to compensate for the loss of energy due to intense cold (the inner organs of man dry up).