Navi Mumbai Awakens

February 10, 2012, Navi Mumbai woke up to a pleasantly cool morning, buzzing with the excitement of over a thousand souls setting out to find a different meaning to their lives. This was Mumbai’s largest Part 1 course, with 1150 participants.

The course was conducted in two batches, morning and evening, in Vashi and Nerul, and was conducted by the dynamic and charming Maheish Girriji. The three days, Feb 10th to 12th, were about people leaving the comfort of their homes to do something substantial in their life. It was a day when . they experienced the spark within themselves that made them glow and feel alive. For the volunteers and the Navi Mumbai team, the three days wasa result of heightened spirits, and untiring and determined efforts.

The excitement had already kicked in during the ‘Wake Up and Shake Up’ program that Maheishji had conducted on the 26th of Jan, 2012. Over the next 15 days, all the teachers and volunteers of Navi Mumbai had put in untiring efforts to bring the power of meditation and deep relaxation and cleansing from Sudarshan Kriya to as many people as possible. 

Maheishji, in his indomitable style held both the batches to rapt attention. His unique style of conducting the course and humorous examples, including some very touching ‘Guru stories’ madethe program thoroughly enjoyable for the participants. The three days were action-filled. The participants’ experience of learning the Sudarshan Kriya was beyond description, and the repeaters were thrilled to do the Sudarshan Kriya with such a big group of people and felt an immense combined energy. The knowledge sessions and the interactive games left an everlasting impact on everyone present.

While the participants went back home with a paradigm shift in their perception of life, the teachers and volunteers had many lessons to learn too. The sessions conducted for the volunteers and the teachers a wake-up call for those on the path of devotion and knowledge. Judgements dropped, conflicts vanished and the team was filled with tears of gratitude towards their Guru, Poojya Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji.

This mega course ended with new members becoming a part of the ever expanding Art of Living family, and the Navi Mumbai team was charged, ready to create another wave of wisdom and celebration.

- As shared by Vaishali Desai, Nikhil Karnik and Sandeep Mahajan