O my heart

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O my heart,
thank you for being in me, and I in you.
I know that we are one,
you a part of me and me a part of you
and that I never need to thank you (see, I listened)
but I do, because if there's anyone I want to thank,
It's you.

I try to be the best person I can (don't try, do)
But it just doesn't seem to be working for me,
And I wonder what it is I'm doing wrong.
and if it weren't for you, I would be tempted to quit
but how could I do that, when it is who I am.

You have my heart, my life, dearest Lord
and I have to ask
Is it because no one else wants it?
Or because that's where it belongs.
(I know the answer even as I ask the question),
And I feel your grace surround me,
and tears spill out in gratitude,
thank you
O my heart.