Rural Youth Go Techy

The youth leadership training program of the Art of Living, besides empowering youth to be confident and self-sufficient, also creates avenues for them to be trained with skills that enables them to be employed either as entrepreneurs or in the market. One such training initiative was spearheaded by Art of Living faculty Kala Alagappan in association with the CRPF and infocity Technology Solutions, to train 63 youth leaders from rural areas in computer usage. They have undergone a certified program as a result.

CRPF, through their 134 BN, launched a six-month long free computer course for these 63 students. Kala Alagappan acted as a bridge between the CRPF and Infocity Solutions, a computer centre in Madninagar, to select and train students from different zones.

The initiative was launched on February 1, 2011, Sunday, in MahendraAracade- Madninagar with senior officials of the Central Reserve Police Force, including Superintendent Sunil Kumar, Deputy Commando Mohit Kumar, Assistant Commando V.S Rawatalong with Sateesh Kumar, CEO,Infocity Technology Solutions and Mamta Sharma, director Infocity Technology Solutions along with Art of Living faculty Kala Alagappan.

“Technology has made this globe into a village. Spirituality will make it into a family,” says Sri Sri. The rural youth, with a strong foundation in spirituality and human values, empowered by technology, will certainly become pillars of responsibility and progress for our country.

Sunil Kumar said “Today, if we see the situation in India, all villagers and people in rural areas should also know the technologies. This way one can become self-employed, which is a necessity today. Even one person in a village is self-employed, the society can become strong, and when society becomes strong the state becomes strong”. He hopes to see this growth happening in the years to come.

Sateesh Kumar, CEO Infocity, announced that each student will get a computer for themselves free of cost.

Last but not the least, CRPF personnel in this civic action program announced that they will also provide tailoring machines and leaf-cup making machines for the needy to promote self-employment and create a better standard of living.