Sri Sri Statement on the Ban Endosulfan

His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (Founder, The Art of Living foundation) has asked the Stockholm convention to ban endosulfan. The stand taken by India in the stockholm convention was unfortunate. He said that it did not reflect the feelings and sentiments of the majority of Indians.

The ban is not enough. We have to be vigilant on its implementation also. Adequate compensation is to be given to the victims. The Govt should take the responsibility to provide free and good quality treatment to them.

The banning of endosulfan will be an initiative towards chemical free farming. It is a step to move forward towards organic and eco friendly farming.

This will enable the agriculturists and farmers to depend on other means of sustainable agricultural methods and develop alternative technologies.

Sri Sri congratulated the environmentalists and the civil society who are leading the struggle against Endosulfan. He also said that the role being played by media in this campaign needs special appreciation.

Kerala has been pressing for a nation-wide ban on the pesticide, whose use over the years left scores dead and caused chronic health problems to many others in parts of Kasargode district. To this a bunch of Art of Living volunteers also went on a strike in kasarghode, demanding the ban on the usage of the pesticide Endosulfan.