8 Mar 2012 - QA 22

Guruji, how can I contribute to the society?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

This is a very good question. You think what you can do. I want all the youth to join hands with us for just six months and we will bring a wave of revolution everywhere in this country. Then see, how the country will change. I have a dream to see India as the most forward country in this world. I want India to become powerful and regain the pride and honor it once enjoyed in ancient times. How many of you are with me?
India has to emerge as a strong nation and I don’t want a single youth to be unemployed. How many youths here are unemployed? I want you to get yourself registered in the center here. There is a lot to be done in this country today. It is difficult to find plumbers, drivers, cooks and electricians in this country. There is a lot of demand for such people. We will give you training.

Our education system is so old-fashioned and wrong, that people remain unemployed after completing their studies. In our country, the ones who are uneducated find employment while 59% of the post graduates are unemployed. Though they studied so hard all these years and did their post graduation, they cannot find employment. The education should be job-oriented. Our education should be such that proper attention is given to honing the employment skills. If the teaching is job-friendly, then as soon as the students complete their education, they will get a job. We need to bring this change.

I request all the doctors to offer three free medical camps in a year. If you are a lawyer, I want you to handle three cases free of cost. Do this once in four months for people who are very poor and cannot afford to pay your contribution.

Can you do this?

And all the school teachers should give free tuition to students who are weak in studies. Consider three students for a year. And if you are a student, create awareness about voting amongst people. Ask everyone to go and vote and to vote against corruption.