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  1. A Sense Of Humor

    Mon, 30/03/2015
    Humor.jpg (Below is a continuation of the post Accept & Move On!) My boss ridicules me in a sarcastic and a condescending manner in front of my colleagues. I can understand because of the tone and the words he uses, hence I feel stupid. How ...
  2. Accept & Move On!

    Mon, 30/03/2015
    karma.jpg (Below is a continuation of the post Who Are You?) Every event that you experience in your life here and now has some meaning and is a result or an effect of something that has happened in the past. So, when you see the link between t ...
  3. Who Are You?

    Mon, 30/03/2015
    who are you.jpg When you go to a new place what do you do? You give an introduction about yourself. You talk about who you are, where you are from, isn't it?Now let us look at this from a wider perspective. Do we know who we are and where have ...
  4. Love Is Most Powerful

    Fri, 13/03/2015
    love.jpg Gurudev, if love is our very nature, then why do we make one person as the object of our love? Why do we think that we love that one person the most? Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: From birth we have known love to be directed from a person. Lov ...
  5. The World Of Gods

    Tue, 03/02/2015
    sunrise.jpg Time and again we should lift our eyes away from the mundane. The nature of the mundane is that it just occupies you and swallows you completely. Small things can occupy your mind and your time. Simple things such as cooking, shoppi ...
  6. Be Understanding Of Others

    Thu, 12/03/2015
    transformation.jpg Gurudev, how to handle teenagers? Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: There is an old Sanskrit proverb which says, ‘Praptetu shodase varshe, putram mitra vada chareth’. If your son or daughter becomes 16 years you should no longer be their ...
  7. Smile Through Every Challenge

    Tue, 24/03/2015
    smile through.jpg The challenge in life is to find peace amidst chaos. See there is no much noise here. Tell me how many of you are getting irritated because there is so much noise in the background? (Some in the audience raise their hands)I th ...
  8. Sorting Right From Wrong

    Mon, 05/01/2015
    JAG2.jpg (Below is a continuation of the post A Love That Never Dies) Gurudev, how do I know that what I am doing is right? Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: At least now what you’re doing is right by asking this question. We must ask questions. When you s ...
  9. Tips For Effective Leadership

    Thu, 19/03/2015
    respect.jpg 1. Do Meditation Daily Take a few moments every day for doing nothing. It really brings a lot of energy and uplifts the spirit. I think this is what is needed today. Our brain is bombarded with so much information, and so we need to ...
  10. A Love That Never Dies

    Mon, 05/01/2015
    Love.jpg Satsang means two things: 1. Intellectual discussion, which is a left brain activity2. Singing, which is a right brain activityBoth are necessary. We sing for some time and then if you have any question, you can ask and we will discuss. ...
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