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  1. Being With God!

    Thu, 02/10/2014
    (A note from Sri Sri at the Rishi Homa at The Art of Living International Center, Bangalore on the occasion of Navratri) Just now the Vedic pundits recited a beautiful verse from the Sama Veda. The verse says: This Samsara (material world or the illusory ...
  2. The Rich Will Get Richer

    Wed, 01/10/2014
    Blessings to everyone on this auspicious day! Just walk ahead in life with a deep sense of contentment.There are two things you must remember:Our godliness lies in our innocence and in being natural. That is why it is said, 'Sahaj miley avinashi' (One att ...
  3. Desires Are Never Ending

    Fri, 05/09/2014
    (Below is a continuation of the post Guru Utsav Divas) Gurudev, I have been your devotee for the past 15 years, and life has become so wonderful. But many times this question comes to my mind, that what will I get by doing Sadhana, Seva, Satsang, Siddhi ( ...
  4. Guru Utsav Divas

    Fri, 05/09/2014
    The Teacher’s Day in India got a new name today – it will be called as Guru Utsav Divas from now on. It is also very appropriate. You know, if you consider the word Guru as a neutral gender, then the name of this day would translate as The Great Celebrati ...
  5. The Way To Be Happy Ever After

    Mon, 08/09/2014
    Sometime or the other you all have had this experience that you are truly Niranjana (meaning: untouched and unblemished).Many times it happens that you are driving down the road in your car and you see two people by the side of the road fighting between t ...
  6. Sri Sri At The World Summit On Ethics In Sports

    Fri, 19/09/2014
    (Leading decision-makers from sports, politics, business, academics and NGOs converged for the first time at the FIFA Headquarters in Zurich to define the role of sports in solving societal problems and to celebrate best practise examples of ethical sports ...
  7. Happiness Is Good For Health

    Sat, 30/08/2014
    (Sri Sri was the chief guest at a conference titled ‘Stress Reduction Skills: Scientific Update’ organized by Department of Psychiatry, AIIMS in collaboration with Sri Sri GMDA (Global Meditating Doctors Association). The event was attended by doctors from ...
  8. Goodness Always Pays

    Sat, 16/08/2014
    Gurudev, why did Lord Krishna cheat in the Mahabharata? Was that his dharma? Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Well, you can’t say he cheated. He had everything, why would he cheat? A student in the classroom cheats because he doesn’t know the answer. He is not capab ...
  9. Generosity: A Key To Success

    Tue, 30/09/2014
    (Below is a continuation of the post The True Sign Of Success) Do you know what psychologists say? If a speaker speaks for more than 10 minutes, the listener go for a break three times! Attention deficiency is growing these days among our youth in a very ...
  10. The True Sign Of Success

    Sat, 30/08/2014
    (Sri Sri spoke about Success and Happiness to an audience of over 2000 students and faculty of the Birla Institute of Management and Technology followed by a guided meditation.Below is the transcript of Sri Sri's views on Success.) I don’t think I need to ...
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