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  1. Imperfect Is The New Perfect

    Sat, 07/03/2015
    (Below is a continuation of the post Are You Perfect?) See, the world is like this, there is pleasure and there is pain. This is the nature of the world. Some or the other reason will always present itself for you to be upset. Sometimes it coul ...
  2. Are You Perfect?

    Sat, 07/03/2015
    In society, in day to day events, there are so many chances to get frustrated, and when such things happen, there is nothing you can do. Something or the other keeps coming up to get frustrated about. Do you see what I am saying? You want perfe ...
  3. Sri Sri's Message On Mahashivaratri

    Tue, 17/03/2015
    Today on Shivaratri, the matter and consciousness unite. The subtle world and the gross world come together and that is the celebration.When we violate the laws of nature, that is when disturbances happen. All these floods, forest fires and oth ...
  4. The Tough Times Make You Stronger

    Fri, 13/02/2015
    Dear Gurudev, in my workplace, most of my colleagues drink alcohol, enjoy with girls and do such things. When I try to mix with them I get negative vibrations and my energy is getting drained. I just want to escape from them. How do I accept th ...
  5. Take The Best And Leave The Rest

    Sat, 14/02/2015
    (Below is a continuation of the post When Love Becomes Eternal) How to know that the girl I like is the one I am looking for, and if I am the right person for her? Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: This you have to ask her! If you feel you are not up to th ...
  6. When Love Becomes Eternal

    Sat, 14/02/2015
    Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!Before I had said, 'Let divine be your valentine', today I am saying, 'Let nature be your valentine'.Let us preserve nature, water, the environment, the plants, the air and the energy. This is our responsibilit ...
  7. Contentment Is The Gateway To Liberation

    Mon, 19/01/2015
    (Below is a continuation of the post Take Life With Enthusiasm) How to come out of this cycle of birth and death? Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: By continuing to do what you are doing now. You are in the right place.When you become content then you are ...
  8. Take Life With Enthusiasm

    Mon, 19/01/2015
    (Below is a continuation of the post Truth Resonates) Gurudev, why do I have to take on so many responsibilities. I have the responsibility of my happiness, my husband’s happiness, family’s happiness, etc. Why all this when ultimately I have to ...
  9. Do Business Ethically And Still Make Money

    Sat, 31/01/2015
    (The Corporate Culture and Spirituality Conference aimed at promoting ethical business practices through constructive dialogue with industry leaders, was held at The Art of Living International Center, Bangalore. The conference featured illustrious industr ...
  10. Truth Resonates

    Mon, 19/01/2015
    Gurudev, I am a Muslim lady and I come from very far to listen to knowledge from you. The Koran is the base of our religion but I cannot identify myself with the Islam of today. But your words go deep into my being. Why? Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: O ...
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