Education Without Restriction

Sri Sri Academy, Kolkata is a haven for all those young buds waiting to blossom, for the school transcends conventional norms of bookish knowledge and extends itself to the field of experience and the creation of a multi-dimensional perspective of situations even in young and tender minds(with grades from Nursery to Fifth Grade).

As a way of promoting alternative education, this school is creating a joyous experience of unfolding the innate potentialities in each child with the right mix of yoga and meditations well as nurturing the values of love, compassion, friendliness and self-discipline. The focus is on channelizing the abundant energy of each student to do something productive and making them strong individuals, capable of making the right choices without succumbing to peer pressure.

Each day starts with happy faces marching into the school at 7.45 am for the morning assembly, which starts with a dance or puppet show, performed by the students. Themorning assembly ends with the Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu Mantra, after which their classes begin.

Children in Sri Sri Academy are taught using a hands-on approach, allowing enough space for a sense of curiosity and interest to develop. Mediums used involve audiovisual aids, experiments (recycling waste) and field trips (inculcating deep respect toward the environment and the need to preserve it), amongst others.

Great emphasis is given on practical knowledge as opposed to being confined to textbooks. For instance, in June 2010, the school children visited the Birla Industrial and Technological Museum after reading and discussing rain water harvesting in class. They were enthralled to see the work done in this field and were further sensitized toward the need to conserve water and use it frugally.

The mentors of Sri Sri Academy, following in the footsteps of Param Poojya Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji, strongly believe that education should attend to all facets of life, be it cognitive, physical, emotional, social or spiritual - achieved by implementing creative teaching methods with emphasis on arts and crafts, music, theatre and sports.