Expressing Love

Love and admiration too can become a burden. 

When this happens, people try to unburden themselves by running away from it. 
Many love marriages have fallen apart because of this only. One partner expresses too much love towards the other, and the other is not able to handle it. The other person then feels like running away. And they do run away! 
How many people have seen this happen? (Many raise their hands)

We shouldn't talk too much about love because it is inexpressible, actually!

Many people come to me and say, ‘I am in love with this person. Yet whomsoever I love, they run away from me.’

I tell them, ‘Don’t express so much love day and night that they get bored and irritated with it.’
In countries abroad that is what they do. One goes running after the other saying, ‘Honey, Honey’, all the time. And then what happens? They suffer from diabetes! (Laughter)

Every now and then they will say, ‘Honey, honey’, and then one fine day they get fed up and say, ‘I can’t stand you.’ One should not go overboard with expressing their love.

In India, it is the opposite. People here never used to express love. 
If you go to the Indian villages, you will find that they don’t express love at all. They keep it in their hearts but they don’t express it. And abroad they express it so much that love just vanishes; it just doesn’t stay.

I feel that we should take a middle path; express a little, but not too much. Do express, but you don’t express so much that you start with, ‘I can’t live without you’, and then later you say, ‘I can’t stand you.’ 

Love should be planted like a seed. If you sow the seed too deep into the earth, then it won’t sprout. And if you keep it on the surface of the mud, then also it won’t sprout, it won’t take roots. 


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