Featured Story

I was a hardcore smoker, alcoholic and heavily into drugs. I got into the habit because of friends and the circle I was being with and the hotel industry I was working for then. In 2002 my health was deteriorating and a friend of mine mentioned about this course, I needed it very badly because my parents were giving up on me and I was also planning to go to a rehab for my habit. That’s when I decided to give the course a try. The first day was fine, but the second day, something just shook me inside and said, This is it! and I was really thankful. With regular practice, I quit everything - smoking, alcohol and even meat in 10 days. It was very easy. It wasn’t something that was forced on me and I never imagined that just breathing could help me so much. I didn’t feel the need to smoke or drink and encouraged some of my friends to kick the habit because ultimately, everyone wants to get out of it. I’ve seen a lot of campaigns on the internet that talk about ways to quit the habit but there is no practical experience to it. The worst thing is to get into a rehab and be there for 20-25 days in that environment. I feel nobody discusses the practical aspect of breathing when your toxins come out. People have alternatives nicotine gums and patches, but its all just temporary. But when they come on the course, meet similar people and experience changes together, it’s very different. I have been very fortunate to have done the course and got ridden of my addiction. I feel fresh, happy, energetic and entusiatic. the cravings have gone I feel so much stronger, so much more relaxed and relieved. I think every smoker must do this course and take charge of their life and health.