Let’s All Say YES! To Life

Recently, 10,000 youngsters and 3,000 mentors marked the beginning of a movement (in Kolhapur, Maharashtra) that is bound to bring stillness and clarity amongst the enthusiastic and energetic youth of our nation and those of the world.

Yes! To Life was a gathering of young children, teenagers and the youth taking a pledge against the evils of corruption, pollution, smoking, alcohol and drugs and female feticide - together taking a vow to organize more Yes and Yes Plus courses in their respective schools and colleges in order to help spread this message of joy and freedom.

After an hour long presentation and engaging games for the students, conducted by Shreya Chugh and Nikhil Agarwal (Yes! teachers), the event was graced by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and the loud cheers of those around.

The applause soon settled and paved way for silence and equanimity. Then, came the questions, which Gurudev answered with a gentle smile or a slight sway of his hand, all the while encouraging the audience to embrace a Yes attitude towards life.

In order to fossilize this special day, the students left a mark with their handprints on a 500-metre long piece of cloth, in a way encouraging other hands to join the group.

At the end of the session, Dr. Arun Jamkar, Vice Chancellor, MUHS (Maharashtra University for Health Science) took a vow to make the Yes Plus course compulsory in 300 medical colleges of Maharashtra, making this beginning a fruitful one for thousands of students who are yet to join the Art of Living family.

A big cheers to the team of teachers - Sanjay Gulabani, Ajay Killedar , Nikhil Agarwal, Neha Agarwal, Neha Hidadugi and Varsha Patil, the volunteers, the advisors (Dimple Gajwani and Dr. Rajashree Patil), Maharashtra Apex Shri Shekhar Mundada and NJ Pawar, Vice Chancellor, Shivaji University for their constant support and encouragement to make this event a stepping stone for many more to come.