Manavathe Project


Under the title ‘Hosa Hejje’ (meaning, new step), the Department of Collegiate Education (DCE), Karnataka unveiled six programs ranging from providing soft skills to improving e-governance in the education department. The initiatives launched were ‘Aptamitra’, ‘Sahayog’, ‘Adalat’, ‘Manavathe’, ‘Samparka’ and ‘Angla.’

Need for Analysis

Rapid modernism and consumerism, increased competition and peer pressure have raised the sense of insecurity and anxiety in the young minds.

Addressing the critical need of the hour of re-instilling human values such as, compassion, righteousness and integrity amongst the today’s youth, the DCE introduced Manavathe to equip the second year undergraduate students of the Govt First Grade College to handle such challenging times and to become socially sensitive and responsible citizens.

Manavathe (meaning, human values) is a special youth empowerment and value education workshop which was developed by WAYE in consultation with DCE


The program was conducted in 29 districts of Karnataka across 342 First Grade Government Colleges for the second year students in the academic year 2010-2011. Over 25000 students underwent the program.

Program Course Content

It is a blend of practical knowledge tips, group processes and learning oriented games. Manavathe Certificate endorsed by the DCE and WAYE are given to those students who complete 24 hours of the program.

The Art of Living Approach

In school and colleges we have taught all the subjects. But when it comes to anger, frustration, peer pressure, emotions and relationships, no one has taught us the skill to handle it. Here the breathing techniques (Sudarshan Kriya) teaches us the life skills to deal with these negative emotions. The mind become focused, brings back strength and confidence that is unshakable. This strength lays foundation of strong society with you as torch bearers of the future.

Service Activity

During the program, the students were also encouraged to initiate and lead a service activity within or around the college premises. Activities that make the young aware about the self, environment, and the society, nurturing them to be responsible global citizens.

Experiences of Participants

Shalini S D

I enjoyed the Sudarshan Kriya. I learnt how to face difficult problems in my life. I now know how to be a responsible person in the society. I did not think on the first day that the Manavathe program will be so amazing. We are all happy and enjoyed a lot. It was something different.

Shwetha S N

Sudarshan Kriya gives more spirit, destroys laziness and makes one more active. It was such a pleasant experience.

Basavaraju G

I liked the Manavathe program a lot. Now I know the importance of paying attention to my health. It has given me useful information and technique on how to study. Manavathe has helped in bringing me on the path of humanity.

Shruthi P, second year B.Com

From the Manavathe program I got peace, contentment in the mind and concentration. My anger has reduced too. By regular practice of the Sudarshan Kriya, my life got a touch of excellence.

Sowmya A H, second year B.Com

These five days gave me a lot of happiness. I really liked the Sudarshan Kriya that was taught. Through Manavathe my laziness has gone and I have experienced something new and it has been very helpful in my studies too. My life has become good. These days our unforgettable. I liked all that was taught to us.

Experience of the Manavathe Coordinator

Mr Bhyrappa (Kannada Lecturer, Government First Grade College, Hosdurga)

I feel courses like these should be organized more. In fact there should be a permanent teacher in the college for this program. It should be made a part of the syllabus. There should also be regular follow-ups of this program.

Experiences of the Manavathe Teachers


The Manavathe program which was conducted to bring transformation in students enabled me to bring in the students stress relief, confidence, remove exam fear and fill them with enthusiasm. There are lots of material things that we can give the students, but it is not easy to give them the soft skills. This program has made it possible and I am happy to have been a part of this program.


It was very endearingexperience to reach out to the youngsters at the rural areas. The transformation in them was phenomenal. The students dropped their inhibitions, got out of habits and got responsible. They not only transformed but also showed that they can bring transformation into the society, as they enthusiastically got involved in the service projects.