I always liked yoga. And after doing the yoga and pranayama taught in the Art of Living Yoga program, my illness disappeared. Thank you Art of Living Yoga!


In Art of Living Yoga, I learned very easy and comfortable asanas which took me deep into meditation. My experience was awesome. Regular practice of these asanas has made me feel physically more energetic and mentally more focused.

Rajanish Shukla

I had an amazing experience! The course is filled with energizing yoga poses and knowledge. We all felt very light while learning and doing the asanas.

Art of Living Yoga is a complete package for all those who like to do spend a short amount of time daily on yoga and improve life by practicing it regularly.

Since last two years, I was suffering from lower back ache and did not know it was because of my poor sitting posture. After doing Art of Living Yoga program, the pain vanished and my flexibility improved. This has also helped improve my work efficiency. Now by spending just 30 minutes every day on yoga, I am able to maintain my enthusiasm level throughout the day. I strongly recommend this program to everyone.

I'd heard about people's experience of Art of Living Yoga and decided to give it a try. It was a wonderful experience to learn the right way of doing the asanas along with another 150 participants. Doing yoga makes me feel very light and I practice it regularly.

Art of Living Yoga is energy filled program. I’ve experience that even after doing just warm up exercises, my meditation has improved.