Shooting Her Way Through Excellence

Studied in nine different schools spread all over India, Pragya Rathore, a YES+ teacher, started off as a social recluse, but today, has friends in over 30 countries. She shares her journey so far, “My father was in the army, which is the reason we moved around a lot. And I was a quiet and intelligent child and was into sports from the beginning. I’ve been at nationals in archery and now, my main focus is shooting,” shoots Pragya and gives her million dollar smile.

After three years of constant nagging from her friends, she finally enrolled for the Art of Living course in August 2005, describes Pragya, “I used to think I already have great concentration because I was into shooting, but I decided to give it a try anyway. And it was a great experience.

It’s hard to explain what happened after my first kriya, but I felt something. Even after the course, I had my doubts, but a few months after I stopped doing the kriya, I realized the difference in my life before and after the Art of Living - I was calmer, my anger had come down and I shared a healthier relationship with my parents, which wasn’t the case earlier. And when I practiced the kriya regularly, my concentration improved.

Earlier, I used to practice shooting for eight hours and now, I practice for one or two hours and my score is almost the same. Once I start practicing more, my score will improve.”

For her, becoming a teacher was coincidental, “It just happened. I was already a volunteer and was actively involved, but whenever someone asked me if I want to be a teacher, I always said yes. Soon, my mentor also encouraged me to go for it and I did my TTC (Teacher’s Training Course) in July 2008.

I started teaching after six months of assisting a few courses. And I took my first course with another teacher and that’s the first time I realized what its like to share the kriya with others,” smiles Pragya, awed by that experience all over again.

She’s taken 22 courses so far and witnessed extreme changes in her students, Pragya shares a few of them, “There was a girl who came on the course and had a band-aid on her wrist. And on the last day, she mentioned that she wanted to commit suicide and had cut herself. And in those six days, she realized how foolish she was and experienced a total switch.

Also, a lot of people come after their break-ups and feel that the course has given them a new direction in life.”

Her direction is to work as a 3D artist and animator, get an Olympic Gold in shooting, “Which I’m sure I will and of course, get this Sudarshan Kriya to maximum number of people because being in the Art of Living has been the best thing in my life,” beams Pragya, before walking back to the canteen and doing her seva during the Winter Break, 2010.