Summit for Inner and Outer Climate Change

“There are two types of climate change; one is the outer climate change and the other inner climate change. Inner climate change is for a person to be calm and cool even during times of stress and tension. When he is tense there is too much heat in his head, decisions go wrong and his actions could adversely impact his community and society”, said Param Pujya Sri Sri Ravishankarji while inaugurating a climate change summit with a unique and novel solution.

The national summit on Simple Solutions for Inner and Outer Climate Change (SSIOC) was conducted by Sri Sri Institute of Agricultural Sciences in collaboration with IIT, Madras. Sessions on Greening the Industry and Entrepreneurship, Sustainability and Business, Climate Leadership and Management, Environment, Food Security and Biodiversity were a part of the one-day summit which was a precursor to a series of events planned across the country. The focus was on creating a paradigm shift in the attitude (inner climate) of the people in order to create an effective change in the ‘outer’ climate.

“Climate has no borders. A Storm always begins in one state and attacks another state. The air doesn't see boundaries and similarly the ill effects of Climate Change also are not restricted to boundaries. The major cause for the failure of all global climate summits is the hot headed politicians. The inner climate can only bring the attitudinal change to work towards the external climate” Guruji elucidated. He also expounded on how a simple lifestyle fosters sustainable development of a society and cited example of the spic and span villages in Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand.

“It is high time we take responsibility for our Earth, instead of waiting for politicians or governments to take a stand. Inspired by Guruji’s talk, I have also vowed to plant at least 5 trees within my lifetime! ”, said Biswajit Mohanty, an enthusiastic participant of the summit.

The Art of Living has taken up various environmental initiatives. During the massive tree plantation drive “Mission Green Earth” 55.6 million trees were planted by 10.6 million volunteers in over 36,000 cities and villages. A campaign for cleaning of Yamuna “Meri Dilli Meri Yamuna” is also in progress. Chemical free, organic farming has been initiated in various villages and measures have been taken for the protection of indigenous animals. With its roots in spirituality, the organization has taken up various other projects in order to create a better world.