Through The Master's Eyes: Christopher Kiran Byrt

Christopher Kiran Byrt, teacher with the Art of Living, residing in Norway, had the privilege of attending a silence retreat with the Master. He recollects a story that really touched his heart.

Back in early 1989 I attended a silence retreat with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in Timmendorfer Strand in the north of Germany. When we broke silence after a week, he appeared very pleased and I will not forget what he said: “Your silence and meditation has helped to bring down the wall.” I remember feeling honored, but to be honest, it sounded completely over the top. I had grown up in a divided Germany and anyone predicting that the wall would come down peacefully any time soon would have been considered a dreamer (at its best!). But then, just a year later we saw that the wall had come down and Germany was on its way to be reunited.

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