Walking Towards Hope, Arvi, Maharashtra

4 kilometers from Dhamangaon Rly - a small town located in Amravati District, Maharashtra, lies Arvi - a tribal village (with a population of 598) where hunting is not only a pastime but also a means of survival.

While consumption of local arrack (produced in the village) from the age of 2 is permissible, young girls are married off at the age of 12 or 13 and most children never get a chance to attend school, despite being enrolled in government schools.

Most members of this tribe are illiterate with some having possession over 2 or 3 acres of land, given to them by the government. Despite which, there’s incessant unemployment amongst the youth and severe alcoholism amid men and women of almost every age.

The constant effort and determination of nine Art of Living volunteers not only got them access to the chief of the village (otherwise distant and isolated), but also got his permission to conduct a Part I course in the village, which the chief himself sat for and thoroughly enjoyed.

Keeping in mind the need to encourage hygiene and education in the village, the Art of Living volunteers are currently in the process of organizing more courses in the village and bringing the knowledge to those who are in dire need of it.