05-June-2012 QA3

Guruji, sometimes I wish that when I answer the doorbell I see you standing outside my door. I wish that when my phone rings it is you calling and I hear your voice. For someone who does sadhana regularly, everything is possible. So shall I wait for my wish to come true?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Yes, absolutely. I will tell you something. One day, I left the Ashram and only one person accompanied me. We just left quietly and nobody knew where we went.

So, we drove to a faraway village. On the way I asked the driver to stop the car outside a small house. I went inside the house and there was a man sitting inside. The man was a simple farmer, who had just a small farm to himself. He had a small television on which he had watched my program. And after watching that program, he had such an intense desire to meet me.

He would think, ‘How do I meet Guruji? I can’t afford to travel to Bangalore. I have to meet Guruji some way or the other.’ And I went and stood at the door of his very house! He got such a shock. He fell on his knees and started crying.

He was a simple farmer; he only grew tomatoes in his farm. His farm was less than half an acre in area. He had a small family.

Similarly, one day I went to this one school and I took classes for both the teachers and students there. For about one to two hours I spoke to them. They all got so excited and filled with enthusiasm.

It was a small school in a village, and the teachers were all looking so serious. So I spoke to them, encouraged them a little and they all started smiling. This is what knowledge does. Listening to knowledge and implementing it in one’s life automatically brings enthusiasm and joy.

So anything is possible at any time!

Once Kishor Da and I were travelling to Arunachal Pradesh from Assam. As we crossed a village in Assam, I asked the car to stop outside one house. I went inside the house with Kishore Da and I asked him to pay Rs. 700 to the lady who was in the house.

That lady’s husband was to undergo some operation for which she had to pay Rs. 2100, but she had only Rs. 1400 with herself. She didn’t have enough money for the operation. So she was sitting in her temple, praying and asking God for money.

She had a small temple with pictures of Kali Maa (a form of Goddess Durga) and Sri Ramakrishna Paramhamsa. So she was sitting before them praying and asking God for money. She got the money that she needed. I also met her and spent some time with her.

What I am saying is – this entire Universe is created and driven by One power. It is made up of the One Tattva (substance). I am made up of that same substance and you are also made up of the same substance. So whomever you bow down to, or pray to, it reaches the same source.

Now that lady did not know me, and this incident happened around 20 years ago. We were just four to five people in the car at that time. When we met that lady, we could see that she was so strong and deep in her devotion. So when we call upon the Divine with a true heart, everything we wish for starts to happen. This must have happened with so many of you. Has it not? So many miracles have happened in so many people’s lives. See!

It has happened with everyone here (pointing to the audience). This is not surprising. It keeps happening; it is not a big thing. If it doesn’t happen, then that is something surprising. If a miracle doesn’t happen sometime then it is wonder actually! Yes, some miracles happen instantly and some take time.