25 January 2014 - QA 5

: Gurudev, being a bhakt (devotee), I only love to do bhakti (devotion). Am I escaping from my responsibilities? Are there any responsibilities of a bhakt?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Oh, yes. Bhakti doesn't means irresponsibility, bhakti means total responsibility.

You cannot say, 'Oh, I love plants but I don't want to do anything about it. I love people but I don't want to do anything for people', no. When you love something you will do. If you love plants, you are bound to take action. If someone is cutting a tree, you will go and stop it, and you will plant more trees. That is a sign of your love for trees.

If you love people, you will do something for people. If there is a problem, you cannot say that you only love people, you won't do anything about it. It is not correct, sounds very absurd, right? When there is love, there is spontaneity in action.