25 November 2013 - QA 2

Gurudev, spirituality is something that every person on this planet has his concept about. Some think that being religious is spiritual, or discarding this world is spiritual. How would you define spirituality?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

We are made up of both matter and spirit. In the sense of matter, we are carbohydrates, amino acids, protein and all this. As spirit, we are peace, love, joy, compassion, integrity, honesty and all these qualities.

So anything that enhances these qualities of love, peace, joy, celebration, humor, integrity, honesty, knowledge, that is what spirituality is. Anything that uplifts the spirit and makes you feel that you are more than the body, you are connected to the whole universe, that is spirituality.

Scientists today say the whole world is one organism, one cosmic body. Realizing this on the level of experience is spirituality, not just the concept. And love is same, when you feel that there is no other, everyone is part of you. This realization of Quantum Physics in your life as a reality is spirituality.

Quantum Physics says that the whole Universe is made up of One wave. Matter doesn’t exist, everything is just waves. Have you experienced that? That is what spirituality is.

It is possible to connect and realize that truth in deep meditation. So meditation becomes a part of spirituality.

The same thing in action, is service. So service also is a part of spirituality.