29 November 2013 - QA 1

Gurudev, I have a deep rooted secret that I can’t speak about. If I say it, I will lose everything and everyone. I am in a materialistic world, I cannot surrender completely, and I am afraid of failure. What should I do?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

You see the consequences, then why do you do something when you are not going to get anything out of it?

There is something called confession. Now, you can’t go and confess to any Tom, Dick or Harry, but you can confess to a wise person who keeps things in confidentiality. This is maintained in churches also; there is a cabin in the Church where you can go and make confessions, so even the priest does not see who is talking to him. When you go and confess, then from that little window, the priest gives you a remedy, so that you feel uplifted.

That is also why you are here, to become hollow and empty. You write your botheration, put it in the basket, and feel free.

Whatever unpleasant event has happened in the past, is finished, it is gone. Why do you cling on to it, and make your present and future miserable? So write, and let go!


If you feel that there is some benefit in saying, or if by not speaking out, it is going to harm other innocent people, then speak up, with compassion towards others, so they don’t get into a trap. But if saying it is not good for anybody, then there is no point in raising such issues and dwelling on it. Confess to a wise person, just one person, or write it and give it away to the Divine, and be free!