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  1. The Way To Please God

    Tue, 02/06/2015
    lamp.jpg Photo credit: Lawrence OP/ Foter/CC BY-NC. (Below is a continuation of post The Source Of True Happiness) Gurudev, in the Pune Ashram there is Ayush Homa performed during birthdays and anniversaries. What is its significance? Sri Sri R ...
  2. The Source Of True Happiness

    Tue, 02/06/2015
    Divine.jpg (Photo credits: Archi) It is Purnima (Full moon day) today, but it is very cloudy. This is how it is in life also. You are beautiful and pure just like a full moon, but that is not visible because of the clouds (here meaning inertia ...
  3. A Sign Of True Friendship

    Tue, 31/03/2015
    friends.jpg (Below is a continuation of post Expect Less And Understand More) When you engage other world leaders and talk about your agenda of peace, what do you talk about? I am just curious about what goes on in your negotiations and what do ...
  4. Expect Less And Understand More

    Tue, 31/03/2015
    Expectations.jpg (Below is a continuation of post Beyond The Rat Race) A few moments ago, you mentioned that perception is everything. So, how can we improve our perceiving power? Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Perception power can be improved through p ...
  5. The Wonderland Of Yoga

    Sun, 21/06/2015
    celebrate life.jpg (Below is a continuation of post Yoga: A New Dimension) Why does this world exist? Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: I think you don’t have any other question to ask! Why does this world exist? I have no idea! But instead of finding why ...
  6. Beyond The Rat Race

    Tue, 31/03/2015
    (An interaction between Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and the students, staff and alumni of National University of Singapore on 31st March 2015 at Singapore. Below is the transcript of What Sri Sri Said:) negative thinking3.jpg Before we begin, do you a ...
  7. Just Surrender!

    Sat, 23/05/2015
    surrender.jpg (Below is a continuation of the post There Is No Joy Without LOVE) Gurudev, if someone is miserable due to their own karma despite doing sadhana, seva and satsang, then what can they do in such a situation? Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: S ...
  8. There Is No Joy Without LOVE

    Sat, 23/05/2015
    promiseme.jpg (As Gurudev walks in, the Satsang begins with many in the audience cheering and telling him that they love him.)I know you all love me so much! You know, all troubles begin with love. If there was no love in the world, people woul ...
  9. Yoga: A New Dimension

    Sun, 21/06/2015
    (Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and The Art of Living Foundation Hosted 'Yoga: A New Dimension' To Celebrate the First World Yoga Day at the Lincoln Center, New York. The evening highlighted the rich heritage and deep values of Yoga through spiritual discussion, dan ...
  10. Everything Has A Purpose

    Mon, 25/05/2015
    friendenemy.jpg (Below is a continuation of the post A Guru Is Definitely Needed) Just come to the Ashram once and see for yourself how even dead people (here meaning those steeped in negativity and inertia) come alive with joy! Come and see ho ...
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