Education Testimonial18

I have been the principal of this school since 2007. Sri Sri Vidya Mandir (SSVM) was started on 26th July 2007. The school started with 177 students and increased to 198 students within the first year. At the beginning the classes were up to 6th standard only but now it has grown to standard 8.In 2007 there were only 11 teachers and now we have 17 teachers. The parents of the students studying here are illiterate and financially poor. This year we have given students free books, as well as provided them with free afternoon meals.We are giving more importance to discipline than studies; we teach them how to keep their environment clean. We tell them that we must throw all the garbage in the dustbins. We also conduct yoga and meditation classes twice a week. I want to develop the school in such a way that it will be able to give a life equivalent to the life of students in cities.

Vasanthy Ravichandran, Teacher, SSVM School
Nagapattinam  Tamil Nadu