Tree Plantation: Creating
a greener world!

Forests are further the homes of so many indigenous species, whose loss would be critical for the balance of the eco-system. The need for trees is for the benefit of our own future generations. They are indeed guardians of our planet.

The Art of Living is focused on reviving a green earth and our volunteers around the world strive to make this positive difference by planting and protecting as many indigenous trees as possible.

Be it a rural development program or a program in an institute - through its different initiatives, The Art of Living has inspired people to give back to the environment. Over the years and innumerable volunteer initiatives later, The Art of Living has planted and nurtured close to 55 million trees across the globe.

One of the landmark events was the Mission Green Earth which saw the plantation of 9.6 million trees in the year 2008.

Mission Green Earth aimed to encourage people to plant trees. The initiative, taken up in association with the United Nations Millennium Campaign (UNMC) and United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), enabled the plantation of 9.6 million trees across 35 countries and 26 states of India. More than the number of trees, it is the number of people who have been encouraged to take action towards environmental sustainability that makes this project one of the biggest exercises against global warming. The Art of Living mobilized 10.6 million people to Stand Up and Take the pledge against poverty from October 17 and October 19, 2008.

Some testimonials of tree plantation projects in India

“We told the villagers - Banskopa and Gopalpur that after  (six) months we will provide a prize for the best grown tree on the basis of a monthly survey report so that they were encouraged and would take proper care. About 150 tea plants were planted in the vacant premises of the school on the school’s Centenary Celebration.”  

~D. Chattopadhyay

Principal, Kendriya Vidyalaya,Bengal

“Great! The part ‘taking action’ impressed all the organizations and lots of schools and colleges participated.”

~Ranjan Kumar Sahoo, Orissa

“It was a wonderful experience, especially in the Stand-up event, we saw the enthusiasm of people coming together to make the earth greener. The seed has been cultivated for most of the people and we see the commitment by people to plant trees next year as well.”

~Shaun Hsiao,China

“We are going to continue our TAKE ACTION mission by helping people and making our planet green during the coming years. In addition, we are going to involve as many people as possible to that mission.”

~Ilona Pawluk

Mission Green Earth Stand up Take Action Coordinator Poland, Europa.

“This is truly the most inspirational movement that the country has ever seen. A people’s movement that worked its way up from the grassroots level, influencing the common man and the leader alike. For the last two months, hundreds of volunteers all over the country worked in institutions, organizations and communities to spread the message of a Green Earth to a country with the largest carbon footprint in the world. The campaign was endorsed by UNEP, UNDP, and International Humanitarian City. It was also supported by Dubai Municipality, Abu Dhabi Municipality, Sharjah Municipality and Dubai Electricity and Water Department. This is a new beginning for a Greener UAE.“

~ Rugmani Prabhakar/ Vanya Vora, UAE