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The Art of Living International Center, Bangalore

We are delighted to welcome you home to, Teachers' Day Special DSN packages, 3 to 8 September 2013 (6 days) in Sri Sri Ravishankar presence at Bangalore ashram

The dream run begins with a wise & loving teacher who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you to the next plateau, sometimes even jolting you with lightning called truth; He kindles the knowledge, wisdom and love within us. Here is an heartfelt offering from one of the most inspirational teachers ever lived, our beloved Sri Sri.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Teachers' Day special package is a 7 day spiritual sojourn with DSN (Divya Samaj ka Nirman), Shakti Kriya*, Food Festival, Soul Sync and Nadi Pareeksha.

Package 1:

Teachers' Day Special DSN  (3 September - 7 September, 2013) 

DSN + Food Festival + Soul Sync + Nadi Pareeksha, reporting 3 September (latest by 4 pm) 2013; departure on 7 September, 2013

Package 2*:

Teachers' Day Special DSN & Shakthi Kriya (3th September - 8th September, 2013)

DSN + Food Festival + Soul Sync + Nadi Pareeksha + Shakti Kriya, reporting 3 September (latest by 4 pm), 2013; departure on 8 September, 2013.

Additional attractions:

Darshan with Gurudev, Rudra Puja, Gaushala Seva, Ashram tour and more.

A beautiful inner journey filled with Shakti, Celebration, Guru Grace, Knowledge, Sadhana & Seva!

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* Package 2*:Teachers' Day Special DSN with Shakti kriya) Registrations are subject to fitness approval, so all those who'll apply for Package 2 (DSN+Shakti Kriya) online will be asked to fill a small questionnaire, and within 48 hrs from then, Bangalore ashram will send an approval mail with registration link to proceed with the registration. Yet Even after registration confirmation for package 2, Participant will go through one round of medical check up when he/she reports to the ashram for the course to re-ensure medical fitness.

In case of non-approvals for Package 2 - you will get a link to register for Package 1 (DSN Only).


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