Mega Events

Events - Silver Jubilee
celebration - Bangalore

His Holiness Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar led over 3 million people through meditation for global peace and harmony in Bangalore, India. The largest gathering of its kind saw borders and divisions dissolve as people from over 150 countries meditated. People from diverse social strata and backgrounds celebrated the vision and mission of the organization which has been engaged in dedicated service since its inception.

Gurudev brought together 1,000 leaders from all the ten major religions of the world as well as 750 key political figures from across the globe and urged all to embrace non-violence, brotherhood, and human values.

Diverse cultural programs from different parts of the world were presented. For the first time in the history of Indian music, a gathering of more than 3,800 musicians from South India, were brought together.

By bringing diverse people together, His Holiness inspired all to identify themselves beyond the labels of religion, caste, and country – as a member of a One World Family, bond together in love, friendliness and an attitude of selfless service.