Mega Events

The World Culture Festival

Celebrating Harmony in Diversity

The World Culture Festival, to be held July 2-3, 2011 at the Olympiastadion in Berlin, will be a celebration of the diverse cultures of the world. With an expected attendance of 70,000+ people from over 150 countries, this Festival will showcase music, dance and food from across the globe.

The Festival will mark the 30th anniversary of The Art of Living Foundation, a UN-accredited non-profit whose programs have benefitted over 55 million people in 151 countries across the world.

The Festival will recognize and celebrate the traditions and values of all cultures and peoples of the world. It will also highlight the vast cultural heritage of India. Special programs on Yoga, Indian-dance and vegetarian cuisine will allow participants to experience the richness of the Indian subcontinent.

Main theme

Celebrating diversity:
Coming together as a one world family and
celebrating the uniqueness of cultures from over 150 countries.
Inner Peace for Global Peace: An individual at
peace is the foundation of a society at peace.


  • Peace Concert with leading musicians
  • Intercultural dance performances including the Chinese 1000 hands dance, whirling dervishes and more.
  • Peace Meditation – one of the largest peace meditations ever in Europe to underscore the cultural togetherness, harmony and the sense of one world family.
  • Inspiring Addresses by world leaders
  • Workshops to learn about various cultures from around the globe.
  • Women’s Conference highlighting the important role women plays in uplifting society.
  • Youth Festival where the young people get together and take responsibility for creating a world they want.
  • 2000+ Guitarists performing together in an attempt to create a new Guinness Record