An Interaction with Dinesh Ghodke

28th of Oct 2012

One World Family, presents “An Interaction with Dinesh Ghodke” – A Youth Special Episode, part of Do Good, Feel Good Event on 28th Oct 2012, 7 pm IST. He will be interviewed by none other than Dinesh Kashikar. This is an unprecedented event, where Dinesh Ghodke will be speaking about youth, leadership, relationships , spirituality and much more …

This is a very special forum as both the interviewer and interviewee are youth icons, dynamic Art of Living teachers, trend setters, technologists, Yoga experts, ex-IITians, have travelled across the globe, share such a rich experience with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (and they both share the same first name). This event is not to be missed!

Join now on Go to the event page on one-world-family and select “Will Attend”.

Your participation is imminent. You can start posting your questions through chat on the event page right away. Now you can also send us video questions. Record your video (using a mobile or a video cam) of not more than 30 second duration and post it in Youtube. Email us the link to with subject “Question for Dinesh Ghodke – Do Good Feel Good”. Be creative in shooting the question. If your question is shortlisted the whole world will watch it live.

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