Modern Teachings, Ancient Values Makes Sri Sri University Unique!

If we had to tell you that there are 22 Summer Internship Placements from 14 Companies for a university launched just six months back, how would you believe it! Sri Sri University, that was launched in August 2012 has sailed through its first-batch of MBA students bearing a credible achievement to its hat!

But it’s the students from the Faculty of Management Studies(FMS) who share that they received not just an MBA but a lifestyle incomparable to anywhere else. Students here share their ‘invaluable experience’ at the university!

A Brave Career Decision

“I joined Sri Sri University with a dilemma, because I was selected in the GD/PI process in a reputed B-school and Sri Sri University (SSU) was a new institute. Today, I realize that the decision I had taken that day was great.  SSU has both management skills and spirituality to share among young generation. I can proudly say that I am placed in Educomp for my summer internship program,” exclaimed Bhabagrahi Das, a student from the first batch of management studies of the university.

Career is the most important aspect for an individual. Well, more than the student, it means a lot for his or her parents, siblings, family, neighbors, society and even the far-off relatives!! For Bhabagrahi, it meant to keep his career at stake with one decision. Fortunately, he made a very brave decision to choose a naive institute for his MBA just to realize that it was his best decision ever! SSU has a very interesting story to be told, read further and discover the unique institute with a mystical touch!

A Student’s ‘Edu-Spiritual’ Day at SSU!

“As a future manager it is very important for me as well as the organization I would work for that I am able to manage my mind and emotions better. If I cannot manage my own mind and emotions, then how can the organization expect me to manage a team of people? Along with Intellectual Quotient (IQ), it is proved that Emotional Quotient (EQ) and Spiritual Quotient (SQ) are the essential ingredients for success. In fact, SQ and EQ have more weight than IQ,” says Rohan Jain, making a very strong point! He says that it is important to consider these required elements before choosing an institute!

Elaborating further on how he spends his day at SSU, he says, “Starting the day with yoga and meditation gives me such freshness and focus that I am able to maintain my enthusiasm throughout the day. At SSU, I am moving towards the evolution both intellectually and spiritually. I feel that I am at home and have complete freedom and support to go ahead in my spiritual path. All these practices get the best and the unexplored potential of me!”

SSU Carves Leaders, Achievers and Better Human Beings...

Situated in the nature’s lap at a hill near Bidyadharpur adjacent to Kathjodi river in Cuttack, Odisha, the surrounding compels you to reminisce about the ancient universities of India like Nalanda and Rajgir’s Jivakambavana.

SSU offers two-years MBA program in general management, entrepreneurship and agribusiness. These programs are designed to create and nurture future generation leaders with a perfect blend of both leadership skills and moral values.

“Business education is a complex enterprise – composed of considerations and issue of practice, policy and pedagogy. SSU will have unwavering commitment to academic excellence, service and social justice in business school, communities and neighborhoods. SSU-FMS will strive to educate the whole person, in intellect, consciousness and spirit, in a tradition captured by the phrase ‘cura personalis’... Reach the exciting world of Sri Sri(University) and imbibe the Art of Living in whichever dream you pursue,” says Dr. K. C. Mishra, Vice Chancellor and Dean– FMS. He also served as former Director of Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management, National Insurance Academy, ASCI and S. P. Jain Institute of Management.

MBA of Work, MBA of Life!

MBA is a dynamic program, case studies and exposure to the corporate world gives a new outlook to the students who will be future professionals. “I have come across tremendous opportunities in terms of personal development. I knew my potential, but I got the chance to use them here,” says Aviraj Duttatreya Gunjal, an SSU-FMS student from the first-batch of the university.

The FMS-SSU caters to spirituality as a solution for a better society. The aspiring students from similar background will be devoid of any trouble to manage their spiritual practices and the studies!  “SSU is not a regular institute, it’s just more than an MBA degree, we are not just being taught MBA, but MBA of life and work,” says Aviraj.

After the completion of the exams, students of FMS-MBA are just back from a rejuvenating Part II course of The Art of Living in January 2013. YES!+ and DSN also form an integral part of the curriculum.

YOU Are Welcomed To Be The Change!

Aviraj says that the special USP of the institute is nurturing the ethical values that are very important in today’s corporate scenario, “to have that ethical attitude, one needs a strong spiritual foundation. We might face a lot of situations of dilemma where the interest of the company and the interest of our career are in conflict. Usually, a lot of them compromise. But in these times, the spiritual knowledge keeps one grounded. Here, at SSU, students are exposed to that subtle aspect of strength called spirituality which will help us stand out and be strong,” he states.

Quiz him if he believes that SSU will retain the quality, as the institute has announced the admissions for the academic year 2013, he says, “I am sure, as it knows how to get really good talent for the next batch,” he quips!

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Writer: Monica Patel, Graphics: Niladri Dutta