Peace and Health Week


October 2 -  9, 2012

- An Art of Living initiative to Celebrate Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti

“Mahatma Gandhi is synonymous with non-violence and truth. In today's times, we see so much domestic violence, societal violence, tension and depression that it's appropriate to honor October 2 as Non-Violence Day. Every day should, in fact, be a non-violence day and that is the Art of Living. Every day should be a celebration and when there is celebration there is no violence. We stand at a point in time when the world needs the Mahatma’s ideals of non-violence and peace more than ever.”- Sri Sri Ravishankar, Founder, Art of Living. Inner peace and Non-violence

Inner peace and Non-violence

For over 30 years, Sri Sri has propagated stress-elimination breathing techniques that have helped individuals across the globe experience inner peace. When the mind is free from stress and negative emotions like anger, revenge and aggression, only then can a feeling of brotherhood and camaraderie blossom. Sri Sri’s techniques have been taught to all sections of society including terror victims and perpetrators of crime with an aim to bring peace to both communities. Art of Living’s work around the globe has successfully demonstrated that there is strength in ahimsa (non-violence); there is strength in peace.

Sri Sri believes that “Unless every member of our global family is peaceful, our peace is incomplete.” As Gandhi did to win freedom for India, Sri Sri is spreading the tools of non-violence to usher in an era of a stress-free, violence-free world.

On the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti on 2nd October, Art of Living is organizing “PEACE AND HEALTH WEEK”. Going with Mahatma Gandhi’s vision of peace, non-violence and health for our country, this week has 3 unique features namely:

  • Prison Programs focusing on facilitating transformation in prisoners
  • Art of Living Yoga Level 1 courses focusing on teaching basic yoga practices to people all over India
  • Shram Daan activities focusing on service activities related to peace and health.

This Nationwide event has been initiated towards building a crime free, peaceful and healthier India for today and tomorrow. Through the Art of Living Prison Program and Art of Living Yoga, volunteers will bring the well- known benefits of Yoga and its practice to each and every doorstep to, create a difference in the minds and bodies of people.

How YOU can contribute to this event:

  • Be a volunteer for Prison programs
  • Organize/ participate in Art of Living Yoga Level 1 Courses in your area/organization
  • Organize/ volunteer/ donate for Shram Dan activities like cleanliness campaign, medical camp, blood donation camp, tree plantation, nadi-pariksha camp, etc. in your area
  • Promote the event through your Face Book / Twitter

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National Coordinators for Peace and Health Week:

Prison Programs: Ms. Savita Sharma: (080)67433673 or write to:

Art of Living Yoga courses: Dr Sejal Shah (080)67433611/10 or write to

Photograph : Pankaj Anand, Graphics : Gurudatt Anvekar