Did you know that the skin is the largest external organ in the human body? It is also the fastest growing organ. Since time immemorial, staying and looking young has been sought after. Many anti-aging secrets are hidden in the ancient medicinal science of Ayurveda. It offers a safe and long lasting solution to anti-aging and skin care, opening new realms of beauty, health, and wellness.

What causes premature aging of skin?

While there could be other factors, these three feature prominently:

  • Lifestyles: dietary choices & unhealthy habits
  • Stressunreleased stress & strain
  • Environmental conditions: ultraviolet rays, pollution, extreme weather conditions

What can ayurveda do for anti-aging of the skin?

Ayurveda offers a treasure in skin care and anti-aging herbs and treatments. It has several anti-aging formulations which are natural. In fact, ayurveda is known to document over 200 herbs, minerals, and fats that maintain and enhance the health and beauty of the skin.

These treatments have multiple benefits such as antioxidant cellular protection. They are also known to have anti-inflammatory and anti-stress properties.  

Anti-aging herbs for skin

A few wonder herbs are:

  • Haridra: turmeric
  • Shigru: drumstick
  • Nimba: neem
  • Taila parni: eucalyptus
  • Haritaki: myrobalan

Ayurvedic anti-aging treatments

Ayurveda offers exceptional anti-aging treatments that rejuvenate and retain the youthfulness of all skin types.

According to Ayurveda, there are three gunas present in us: vata (air element), pitta (fire element) and kapha (ether element). An effective Ayurvedic anti-aging solution supports all these three areas.

An imbalance in the three gunas can create skin problems:

* A kapha imbalance affects the moisture balance.

* Effective metabolic functioning balances the various chemical and hormonal reactions of the skin. A pitta imbalance affects this balance.

* A vata imbalance creates an inefficient circulation of blood and nutrients to the different layers of the skin.

Skincare based on the gunas:

vata skin: The skin should be nourished and rehydrated to avoid wrinkles and premature aging. Warm oil self-massage and natural moisturizers help.

pitta skin: Good sunscreens and facial skin oils should be used daily.* kapha skin: A daily warm oil massage and cleansing of the skin with gentle exfoliation is advised.

Some of the ayurvedic skin care therapies are:

  • Darvi lepam or turmeric body wrap: Want a radiant skin? This body wrap is the perfect therapy. A therapeutic body wrap exclusively developed with a combination of haridra khanda and exotic herbs. It acts as a natural purifying agent that makes your skin smooth and nourishes the entire body.
  • Haritakalepam or chlorophyll body wrap: This wrap rejuvenates the skin. A therapeutic wrap of moringa oleifera leaves from the ‘miracle tree’ and freshly ground with pavitra sukhoshan jal into an aromatic paste. With a rich array of vitamins, proteins, and minerals,  this lepam effectively provides powerful antioxidants to the skin cells along with moisturizing, nourishing and cleansing the skin.
  • Kaya lepam: Want to get rid of the wrinkles? Here is the answer, an exotic therapeutic wrapping procedure for skin tightening with a unique combination of rice extract, herbal powders, coconut and almond milk. The wrap eliminates dead cells, improves the complexion and tightens the skin.
  • Honey and sesame body wrap: An anytime solution for healthy glowing skin. A gentle, natural body wrap with indigenous honey and sesame, it exfoliates and removes dull skin cells.
  • Neem body wrap: Get that tan off in a chilled way.  A cooling puree of neem leaves is infused with soothing eucalyptus oil, to relieve pain and exfoliate damage caused by overexposure to the sun, leaving the skin smooth and radiant.
  • Fruit body wrap: A fruit fan? Experience the detoxifying and hydrating body wrap with a melange of fresh organic fruit pulps, cleansers, and oils that tone and condition the skin. This body wrap will make your skin tight and healthy with a youthful glow and silky soft feel.
  • Vegetable body wrap: A detoxifying body wrap using antioxidant-rich vegetable pulps with a blend of vegetable extracts to tone and tighten the skin. A combination of these ingredients gives you a youthful glow.
  • Sandalwood body wrap: Want baby soft skin? A body wrap with freshly ground sandalwood paste, which is an antibiotic element. It cleans the skin clearing the freckles, leaving the skin moisturized with a radiant glow.