Eliminating it from the source


Stress is too much to do and too little time or energy. When we have too much to do with not enough time and energy, then we get stressed. So either you reduce your workload, which doesn’t seem to be a possibility these days, or you increase your time – this is not possible either. So what you are left with is to increase your energy levels. The Art of Living programs teach you simple techniques to to do this by which you can minimize stress and take control of your life.

Yoga and Meditation Programs

Meditation makes you efficient & energetic, stress-free and joyful.

meditation for glowing skin

Sahaj Samadhi Dhyana Yoga

Find peace of mind • Increase creativity • Gain focus

6 hrs over 3 days
Yoga at Baikal lake

Sri Sri Yoga Classes (Level 1)

Energize • Improve health and flexibility • Get stronger and grounded

10 hrs over 4-6 days
interactive processes during programs

Happiness Program

Boost immunity • Remove stress • Improve relationships • Live with joy & purpose

3 day and 6 day formats
participants jumping during youth program

Happiness Program for Youth

Increase focus & attention • Develop self-discipline • Quieten your mind

3 day and 6 day format