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Sri Sri Sanskar Kendra

Sri Sri Centres for Values and Culture (SSCVC)

“Just as a sapling needs watering to blossom fully, young children need ‘sanskars’ for nurturing human values.”

~ Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

About Sri Sri Sanskar Kendra

Values like compassion, kindness, forgiveness, generosity, respect, sincerity, integrity, contentment, etc. are intricately woven into every society. Nuclear families, the influence of media, lack of time and fast-paced life are disconnecting children from our rich heritage and inculcating human values.

In Sri Sri Sanskar Kendras, children are inspired to imbibe core values, develop the best qualities and have an appreciation for our rich culture and its diversity.

Stories, shlokas, chanting, wonders, games, yoga and activities are at the heart of the joyful, interactive and loving sessions in the Sri Sri Sanskar Kendra Programs. These programs complement the learnings in schools and bring about an overall development in children, with a strong foundation of values.

Internationally, we are known as Sri Sri Centres for Values and Culture (SSCVC).

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What will children get from this program


Imbibe Human Values

Watch your children blossom with core human values - a sense of caring, respect, responsibility, honesty, generosity and more.


Strong Foundation

Build a strong base for children at a young age that will enable them to sharpen their life skills, happily take responsibilities, and be ready to face the competitive world. 


Create Appreciation for Traditions

Children develop a scientific temperament, acknowledge their ancient heritage, and have a broader perspective towards life.


Celebration and Wisdom

Families experience stronger bonds. Celebrating together, children become more aware and feel a greater sense of belongingness with society and the environment.


Memory And Focus

The following study showed that people who had practiced chanting mantras for 2 years, performed better in memory tests, reduced errors in tests and completed the tests faster. Click here to see the paper


Benefits of Chanting Mantras

Studies have shown that chanting ‘OM’ stimulates the vagus nerve, and is used to treat depression and epilepsy. Click here to see the paper

Foundation Programs

(6-10 yrs)

  • Online Module M1-A
    • 8 sessions, 1 hr each
  • Online Module M1-B
    • 8 sessions 1 hr each
  • In-person Module M1
    • 12 sessions, 2 hrs each

Ramayan Programs

(6-13 yrs)

  • Online Part A
    • 8 sessions, 1 hr each
  • Online Part B
    • 8 sessions 1 hr each
  • In-person
    • 10 sessions, 2 hrs each


Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is a global humanitarian, spiritual leader and ambassador of peace. He has spearheaded an unprecedented worldwide movement for a stress-free, violence-free society.

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I'm interested but I have questions...

How are the Foundation Program Modules different from the Modules on Ramayan?

Sri Sri Sanskar Kendra offers two holistic yet different modules in a loving, interactive and celebrative environment.

Modules on Ramayan are based on the epic Ramayan, which is a treasure of values for children. In these fun-filled, interactive sessions, children feel empowered and build a deep sense of reverence. The program is available as an integrated offline and online module (Ramayan Part A and Ramayan Part B). Age group: 6 to 13 years.

The Foundation Program Modules [M1 (offline) and M1-A and M1-B (online)] help children imbibe values and wisdom, creating a strong base for their life. Each session revolves around a set of core human values through inspiring stories and meaningful shlokas/ dohas. Age group: 6 to 13 years.

There are so many online classes for children. This can be an added burden. Please guide.

These sessions are a healthy respite from standard online classes. Most parents share that their children look forward to coming to these sessions.

Does my child have to attend both online modules of the Foundation Program?

Both online modules (M1-A and M1-B) are extensions of each other with different sets of values covered in each module. This is the unique differentiator. Each one is enriched with its own set of shlokas, chants, activities, and various other elements of the program. One can attend these programs in any order.

Which Modules on the Foundation Programs should our child do, Offline or Online?

The primary content of both online and offline modules are the same for children of 6 to 10 years. The sessions include inspirational stories, shlokas, mantras, dohas, ‘dadi ma ke nuskhe’, wonders of our culture, chanting, yoga, games, activities and celebrations, all in a loving and interactive environment.

In the online mode, modules M1A and M1B complement one another, where each module has 8 sessions of 1 hour each. While in the offline program module M1 is covered in 12 sessions of 2 hours each.

Offline/ online have their own merits. Parents can choose them based on the availability and convenience of their children.

We already teach shlokas and tell stories. How can these programs benefit the child?

Sri Sri Sanskar Kendra Modules are well-rounded programs. Apart from shlokas and stories, there are many more elements like ‘dadi ma ke nuskhe’, yogasanas, wonders of our rich traditions and mantra chanting. Group interactions enable children to learn from each other and experience a deeper impact of values such as belongingness, compassion, respect, sharing, and honesty.

Does my child have to attend both online modules of the Program on Ramayan?

The two parts of the module on Ramayan (Part A and Part B) together cover the complete story. Part A covers the first few Kandas (Cantos) from Sri Ramcharitmanas. The remaining Kandas (Cantos) are covered in Part B. Each interactive session includes Ram Katha with soulful listening, recitation and learning of chaupais/ dohas (with specially made videos), vishesh gyaan, games, activities, yogasana, meditation and celebrations. Children need to attend them in sequence. As the story unfolds, Part A is followed by Part B.

My child already knows the story of Ramayan. How can the program offered by Sri Sri Sanskar Kendra on Ramayan add value?

Along with the story (Ram Katha), the focus is on the values exhibited by the various characters and events in the Katha, inspiring children to emulate these values in their life. Through recitation of chaupais and dohas from Sri Ramcharitmanas, supported by special videos, interest and respect are generated for our rich culture and ancient texts. We also have meditation, yoga asanas, games, and activities in each session. Learning becomes much easier and more fun in a group, leaving a lasting impression.