international children and teens enjoying a yoga session

Medha Yoga Level 2

Become Resilient, Build Self-control, Think Big, Feel Secure, Learn through Sharing

Eligibility: Medha Yoga Level 1 graduates aged 13+ to 18 years

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How will teens benefit?

In the backdrop of a pandemic, age-related issues, and uncertainty, teens discover they can face any challenge with our practices.


Feel secure

Teens learn to gracefully adapt to changes - physical, emotional, and intellectual because here, they feel secure.


Learn through sharing

Teens not only open up about their own issues but also learn from listening to their peers’ conflicts and struggles.


Build self-control

Teens learn to deal with their emotions and actions, taking charge of their own life. They develop self-control.


Think big

Teens can be completely self-absorbed - till they find something bigger to focus on. We provide them with impetus.

What is Medha Yoga?

Research shows that ‘Happy Teens turn into Healthy Adults’. But happy teens are becoming a rarity. The transition from childhood to adulthood is fraught with challenges that increase stress - academics, entrance exams, peer pressure, and relationships.

In Medha Yoga Level 2, teens build upon the simple processes they learned, topping it with knowledge and deeper meditations, to overcome fears and inhibitions and discover their unique strengths. They experience the joy of service, the freedom of silence, and the intellectual sharpness that comes from meditation. The program also helps teens develop an attitude of competing with themselves, as opposed to being better than someone else. Foundation for a lifetime of success!

Main Elements



Teens engage in service & explore their ‘selves’& establish a strong connection with the environment and society they live in.


Mudra pranayamas

With short but powerful breathing techniques, teens experience enhanced energy in the entire body. A few minutes daily makes a world of difference.


Group discussions

Teens voice their opinions and fears openly and actively seek solutions as they listen to others; they think out of the box, imagine, and implement ideas. 


Silence & Meditations

Teens discover their voice and uncover their dreams, as they introspect and connect to the essence of their 'self', the unshakeable core. 

Research on Medha Yoga


Improved performance accuracy


Better well-being scores


Reduced emotional problems


Lower hyperactivity


Diminished peer problems


Reduced conduct problems


Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is global humanitarian, spiritual leader and ambassador of peace. He has brought yoga, meditation, and practical wisdom to millions of people in 180 countries.

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I want to take this course but...

Can you tell me more about the program?

Medha Yoga is based on techniques developed by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, ancient yogic techniques and exercises. Along with meditation, yoga, and breathing techniques, teens are taught to live a full and confident life while overcoming their doubts, inhibitions, fears, and anxieties. They discuss their issues on an open platform and feel one with their fellow participants. A sense of belonging is what teens need most and this program offers it to them. They are also introduced to spirituality and Indian heritage.

What happens when I sign up?

You will be asked to fill in a form with your teen’s details. Once that is done, you will be directed to the payment gateway. That’s it, you’re done! After this, we will be in touch with you through mail and WhatsApp to keep you updated about the program timings.

Another online class? I'm not sure I want to do that

We completely understand where you are coming from. But wouldn’t it be worth it if your teen led a conflict-free, calm, happy, and productive life. This program will help your teen deal with age-related pressures and stresses that they may or may not know is affecting their growth and development.

Can my teen ask questions directly in the program?

Yes! The program is interactive and teens are welcome to put forth their opinions and observations and get their doubts resolved.

My teen is an introvert and might not participate in the activities of this program. Will it benefit him/her?

Yes, absolutely! This program will greatly benefit your teen. Shy teens learn to overcome their inhibitions and speak up during and after this program.