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Love plus wisdom leads you to bliss

Love minus wisdom leads you to misery

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Love: An Expression, Not A Give And Take

Discover love beyond transactions. Embrace its unconditional essence, guided by insights from Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Explore consciousness, relationships, and spiritual growth.

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Money Can’t Buy Me Love. But Can It Buy Happiness?

Explore the intricate relationship between money and happiness. Can wealth truly buy joy? Discover the surprising answers.

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How To Deal With Rude Behaviour?

Explore insightful techniques to address rude behavior with grace. Cultivate inner harmony amidst external disruptions

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What is Karma?

Explore the profound concept of karma and its impact on destiny. Dive into ancient wisdom for insights on life's journey.

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Three Types Of Space

Indians explore three spaces: Bhut (physical), Chit (mental), and Chid (consciousness). Chid Akasha holds all knowledge, influencing inventions and behaviour's. Gazing at vast spaces induces meditative states. Spiritual practices like...

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