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Love plus wisdom leads you to bliss

Love minus wisdom leads you to misery

Articles by Gurudev

Spirituality is a Must for Right Living - Yes/No?

Spirituality means different things to different people. While some connect it with religion, and some with a superpower or Nature, few believe it to be a connection with our inner...

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The First Story of Guru Purnima

Long time ago, there were four elderly men who were seeking answers. The first one was miserable and he wanted to know how to get out of his misery. The...

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Entering Relationships

There is confusion and chaos in the world in the name of love. Love with wisdom is eternal bliss. Love with selfishness or love for individual pleasure, sooner or later,...

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What is Guru Parampara: History, significance & more

Guru Parampara refers to the lineage of Gurus that has allowed the transfer of knowledge across generations for the benefit of society. It is the tradition of passing knowledge from...

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The world is as you see it

“A seeker is one who knows that, intrinsically, every human being is a spark of Divinity, and so they cannot be bad. I tell you, there is no bad human...

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