Fighting the biggest crisis of our times

Overturning environmental crisis with every rejuvenated water body, mass plantation drive, waste management machine, cleanliness drive, and an organic farm.



  • Initiate social projects like large-scale tree plantations.

  • Embrace natural farming to preserve soil quality.



  • 8.12+ cr trees planted worldwide

  • 70 rivers and its tributaries being rejuvenated



  • 18 waste management plants installed

    22 lakh farmers trained in natural farming


Our natural resources are getting polluted rampantly. So much that we even lack access to clean drinking water, chemical-free produce, and clean air. Environmental degradation is not only bad for us, it is also bad for the economy. Estimates suggest that environmental degradation costs India $80 billion per year, roughly 6% of its GDP.

We want to turn the situation around. Inspired by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s vision, volunteers from around the world have initiated several projects to combat several serious and huge environmental crisis. Projects include large-scale tree plantations carried out under Mission Green Earth, the revival of dried rivers, cleaning polluted rivers, temple waste management, and natural farming that preserves soil quality. Our projects mostly revolve around conserving natural resources and securing rural livelihoods in the process.

70 rivers and their tributaries are being rejuvenated to counter our nation’s impending water crisis.

We need to protect the environment - this is our first and foremost duty as citizens of this world. If we take care of the environment, it will take care of us and bring us health, prosperity and happiness.

- Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


8.12+ cr trees

planted worldwide

22 lakh farmers

trained in natural farming

70 rivers

and its tributaries being rejuvenated

512 tons of garbage

removed during the Clean Yamuna Campaign

43,980 cleanliness drives

conducted successfully

18 waste management plants

installed at significant places

11,600 kg

daily waste processing capacity of all plants

With your support we can achieve a lot more

A multi-faceted approach to social initiatives has saved many lives, lit many smiles, and helped communities experience progress. Every piece of service work is created with dedicated analysis, thoughtful care - keeping humaneness in the forefront.