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Disclaimer: Kindly note that this program does not cure COVID. In case of any symptoms please consult your doctor immediately. Please follow all the COVID guidelines issued by your local authorities.

Yoga, meditation and breathing techniques are some of the most effective tools to fight against the physical and mental distress brought by the pandemic. These techniques can boost immunity and aid in the mental and emotional care of Covid-19 patients and those who have recovered. The relaxation brought by these techniques also aid the healing process.

Immunity Enhancement Program with Meditation, Breath & Yoga

Stay strong. Stay safe.

A free 3-day program to help you strengthen your immunity.

For General Immunity

Covid Care Support with meditation, breath & yoga

Stay fit and fight off

A free 3-day program for Covid patients to help build strength and recover faster.

For COVID-19 Positive patients

Post-Covid rehabilitation with Meditation, Breath, and Yoga

Recover & recharge

A free 3-day program for a speedy recovery after testing negative.

For COVID-19 Recovered

"Let us not think that doomsday is coming or spread other ideas that create panic. Let us come together in a sense of cooperation and compassion. Follow social distancing, stay safe, and help each other."

- Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Anxiety & Stress Helpline

If the world seems overwhelming to you right now, don't worry! Call our Toll Free Helpline Number and avail counseling in Hindi, English, Punjabi, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam.

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Our inbox and hearts are open - we’re happy to help in any way. Covid resources to cope with these times, connecting with on-ground volunteer networks to provide you and your loved ones relief. Stay home. stay safe. If you’d like to join hands, explore and connect.

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Immunity kit

What should you take to boost your immunity in the viral atmosphere we live in? How about some antimicrobial supplements, antioxidants, and some energizing and rejuvenating preparations that clear your respiratory tract? This immunity kit is the all-in-one package you were waiting for!

Boost Your immunity

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