Art of Living Center


Learn the practices which kept our ancestors sharp, relaxed and brilliant with the Art of Living introductory programs:

Sri Sri Yoga

Honor your body with conscious awareness through age-old yoga postures that are taught in Sri Sri Yoga. Listed below are the details of Sri Sri Yoga classes, Kanpur*

Happiness Program

Learn to stay calm and happy no matter what life brings your way with the Happiness program. Details of Art of Living’s flagship program can be found in the list below.*

Sahaj Samadhi Meditation Program

Bring your mind to equanimity and bliss with a personal mantra with the Sahaj Samadhi program. Check the list below for Sahaj Samadhi meditation classes in Kanpur

*Send us an Inquiry if courses of your choice are not listed below.

Other courses offered by Art of Living Kanpur are also listed below.