Every action first begins in the mind. If you intend to drink water, you get up to fetch a glass of water and drink it. There are some intentions that you can follow through easily. Some face a lot of obstacles to manifest. And some do not manifest at all. The last category of intentions arises when we have too many thoughts, especially conflicting ones. It is also the category that most of us encounter. 

There is a way by which you can allow manifestation to happen. That way is meditation.

Meditation: Making a mind for manifestation

Meditation is a practice that cultures the mind in a way that makes it conducive for intentions to manifest. Following are the attributes that meditation invokes in your mind, facilitating the manifestation process.

Relaxed enough to let go

Have you noticed that you are rarely able to achieve your goals when you are agitated or stressed? For your intention to manifest, you must first drop the agitation and nervousness surrounding it. It is then the universe can pick the intention for you. Meditation allows you to relax – the first step towards manifestation.

Removes your self-doubt

Every mind is powerful to manifest their dreams. Negative thoughts, self-doubt, complaints and other distractions weaken the mind. Meditation removes these and makes the mind calm, clear and focussed. This makes it easy for the universe to pick your intention and process your goal towards completion. You are finally able to give attention to your intention.

Trains your mind to be in the present

A mind trained to stay in the present moment is powerful as it strengthens one’s ability to focus on an intention and the related action plan. So when you work towards your intention, you are less likely to be distracted by thoughts of the past or future worries. You are 100% with your actions. And when you are with your action with cent percent intensity, you are more likely to yield results. 

Builds solid faith and patience

All great journeys require patience. All great things have been achieved with patience. And you can only be patient when you have faith in yourself and the higher power. That is when you can live with the confidence that what belongs to you will always come to you. Meditation builds that faith by helping you catch a glimpse of a side of you that is not bound by any limitation and identity. A side of you that is the source of solid faith. 

Infuses positivity into your thoughts

‘I think, therefore I am,’ said Descartes. From your ability to think, great power emanates. In the mad and endless race to stay ahead, we don’t really give much thought to thought! Meditation helps collect and guide your thoughts towards positivity and goodwill. The upbeat thoughts and intentions tend to have a strong ripple effect on all aspects of your life. You feel love, warmth and a connect with all of life. It puts you in the cycle of joy. This works for money as well. When you are in a space where you believe you have – you will have. When you operate from a space of lack, your reality will also play out as such.

How to meditate to manifest your goals?

To use meditation to manifest your intentions, practice the following.

  1. Remember you want nothing: To be able to meditate deeply and culture your mind for manifestation, you must forget your intention for a while.
  2. Meditate daily without fail: To strengthen any practice and derive its benefits, you must do it daily. Start with a 21-day goal and then keep stretching the number of days.
  3. Honor the practice: When you honor this time of meditation, your meditations will become more profound.
  4. Don’t just meditate: Meditation is great. But you also need to act towards your goal. So don’t forget to tend to your intention after you meditate.

Guided meditation: Manifest your desires

If you are new to meditation, you could do these guided meditations. With 20 minutes a couple of times a day, possibilities are boundless. You can transform your emotions. Journey within yourself, discover a new dimension, or experience contentment. You can also use sound with meditation for manifesting your desires.

Learn Sahaj Samadhi Dhyana Yoga meditation which will help you meditate on your own.