Holiday. Vacation. Trip. These words are almost everybody’s favorite. The resolutions made year after year to go on frequent trips is a dream life. The dream holiday is a package of lavish hotel stay, riding around the destination, eating scrumptious food and picking up souvenirs. But, this dream holiday comes with a price tag. And that’s when the dream holiday remains just a plan. And one wishes if there was an angel with wings who would descend on earth and award you a cost-free holiday retreat for all the good deeds you did the last year.

This also becomes the topic of discussion in a usual get-together with friends. Well, the good news here is that a cost-effective holiday retreat is definitely possible and you could be your own angel gifting yourself the one.

Alert: This holiday is fun, guarantees bliss and sustains your happiness on daily basis. A normal holiday may bring you a day or two’s happiness and memories to cherish till your next holiday. However, on the contrary, this cost-effective holiday is a gift that you can open every day and it is responsible for creating wonderful memories every single day. This holiday is the best holiday you can ever get – cost-effective and cost-free.

This holiday begins by sitting with your eyes closed for 20 minutes and you will be ready for the journey inside. The ancient art of silencing the mind and rejuvenating yourself with your breath – meditation – has been applauded from time immemorial for its lasting and sustainable holistic benefits.

A soulful journey within

Meditating is like going on a journey within. This is the best deal that you can get that no other travel agency can give you. This deal is cost-free and includes a daily package includes benefits such as peace of mind, a calm and happy you, efficiency at work, and the skill to manage time.

“On a stressful day, I know I can relax with Sahaj Samadhi Meditation and get rejuvenated again. This is the best deal for a holiday I can give myself. A holiday every day,” said Aditi Vashishth.

Go on a different vacation every day

To get different experiences, you have to choose a different place every time for a vacation. Each meditation of yours will give you a different experience. It is like going on a new vacation every day without having to put in the effort of planning a holiday. All you have to do is sit with your eyes closed for 20 minutes and experience the beauty of this journey.

“Earlier I used to go on different hill stations for a new experience. But now, daily meditation opens me to a new experience just sitting at home,” said Deepti Sachdev.

A vacation that never tires you

Imagine yourself standing on a mountain peak on a beautiful morning surrounded by greenery, birds chirping with a mild breeze, giving you a chilly effect – a perfect set-up for a holiday. What is the first thing that you do naturally? You feel like closing your eyes and taking a deep breath in. And, then you fall in love with those moments. You feel like holding those moments within you forever. This is because in just those few moments you go deep inside you. Meditation gives you a similar experience.

A vacation is normally called a retreat because it relaxes you. But, most often when you come back from a holiday, you feel tired and need a day to rest. Unlike the usual post-vacation rest, meditation is a retreat that never tires you. In fact, it gives you such deep rest that after meditation, you feel energetic, refreshed and calm at the same time.

“I give myself a holiday break by meditating every day for a few minutes, which gives an amazing kick-start to my day and I am able to work tirelessly with a smile,” shares Archa Ghodge.

More profits in less time

For those who feel that time is money and would rather want to invest these 20 minutes in striking profitable deals, it is strongly recommended to invest 20 minutes to meditate too. With investing 20-minute in a vacation with yourself, within you, you are opening up new avenues to use the rest of your time to earn more money. This is because when you meditate, you are peaceful and are able to work more efficiently. You also become a master of time and find it easy to manage it your way.

“I am in a job that requires me to strike deals every few minutes. Earlier, I used to feel that if I meditate, I might miss out on the deals in those 20 minutes. But now, with daily meditation, I feel I have become more efficient in cracking the right deals and I am able to earn more money,” said Kiran Singh.

Welcome aboard

So, are you ready to go on this holiday? Well, then fasten close your eyes and get started. You can choose any comfortable spot to embark on this journey. And you can either go on this journey alone or can invite some of your meditator friends to join in. Group meditation will ensure you have a deeper experience. You could start this journey at any time of the day, although morning would be a good time as it will help you remain calm throughout the day.

Inspired by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s wisdom talks

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